What should I do if I find the remnants of the Chinese space station falling out of space because of uncontrollable?

The predicted date when the Chinese space station "Amenomi 1" falling to the earth after the operation is over "uncontrollable" isBetween 30th March and 2nd April 2018We are narrowing down to the countdown phase at last. Where the parts actually falling will not be known "I do not know" Amena No. 1 is falling in front of my eyes, what should I do when I get to the sea, including legal aspects Science related siteLive ScienceIt is summarized.

What Should You Do If You Find a Piece of China's Crashed Space Station?

Amemiya No. 1 is an on-orbit experiment module that China launched in 2011. The aircraft consisting of the experiment equipment room and the material storage room was a relatively large artificial satellite with a total length of about 10 meters and a weight of about 8.5 tons. The Chinese government has denied, but after the operation is over, Amemiya No. 1 seems to be in an uncontrollable state, and gradually lowers the altitude and follows the course of falling to the earth.

Most of the aircraft will burn out with heat due to adiabatic compression when entering the atmosphere, but large parts are expected to fall directly to the earth as it is. Even small decomposed parts can cause a great damage if it falls to the ground at a tremendous speed, but the point of falling specifically is "where on the earth between 43 degrees N and 43 degrees N" It is a situation that is known only at the level of "I wonder".

The unpredictable Chinese space station "Amenomi No. 1" predicts that it falls to "somewhere on Earth" around January 2018 - GIGAZINE

Fortunately, the ocean occupies most of the areas where falls are predicted, so it is also seen that the probability of debris falling on the land is extremely low. The probability is1/3 trillionSince it is also calculated, the possibility of debris falling down at home, workplace, or even on your head seems almost unlikely, but you may discover parts that have fallen in an empty land or in the forest, or one day suddenly If the ocean is seen, it is not necessarily that the remains are not drifting on the beach. Such a time, the space related sitecollectSPACE.comIt is OK if Robert Z. Pearlman who serves as a curator and editor at Mr. Pearlman responds with the following way of thinking.

◆ Part 1: "Because it is dangerous not to approach or touch"
By entering the atmosphere at ultrahigh speed of several kilometers per second, the aircraft is exposed to extremely high temperatures and most of it evaporates or burns out. Therefore, even if it is a remnant that remained burned it is not unlikely that it is in a state of high heat. Touching such an object naturally has the possibility of "burns", so it is better not to approach.

And since there is a possibility that fuel used as a propellant may be attached, it should not be too close. As a propellantHydrazineMr. Pearlman explains that chemicals with highly virulent substances such as toxic substances are often used, so should not approach or touch them.

In addition, it says that parts torn by disassembly in the sky may be sharply pointed, so it should not be touched with hands.

◆ Part 2: "Thanks to the Space Treaty, falling objects are basically in China"
It came into effect in 1967Space agreementThen, the spacecraft launched by a country is stipulated to be the property of the country until ownership is abandoned. Therefore, even if parts fall on the public sea or nearby lands, or even on the premises of our house, the remnants of the Chinese government will be said to be "belongings of China" until the Chinese government officially abandoned ownership I will.

If any damage occurs, the responsibility belongs to that owner. Therefore, while there is no change in the possession of ownership in China, it is a good idea not to make it your belongings to heta.

Also, when it comes to robbing parts of the space station, it will bear the same crime as stealing the belongings of the government of another country. In 1986Space Shuttle · Challenger Explosion AccidentOne of the investigators who was investigating was holding one of the parts found at sea and hiding it at home. And 25 years later, this person sent out as "Ultimate Christmas gift" on eBay, NASA discovered this and reported it. Owning the remains of the space shuttle is supposed to be charged a fine of 10,000 dollars (about 1.1 million yen) or 10 years of imprisonment, or both, but this person is subject to protection monitoring for two years It seems to have received.

Challenger debris auction repeats history | collectSPACE

Mr. Pearlman says "It is correct to contact the local police and other administrative agencies to respond" to what to do when actually finding fragments of Amenomiya 1.

It is Mr. Pearlman, ...... Although it is Mr. Pearlman in the end, he said that he might say, "I found it in my garden, this is mine!" In a joke.

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