Space debris fell from the sky into a private house

Space debrisIs a term that refers to general things abandoned in space such as artificial satellites that became uncontrollable or parts that were separated during launch, but space debris of Russian booster rockets fell from the sky to private houses It seems that it has come. It seems that the Russian Space Agency really doubts whether it has fallen to the work site, but when you think that you do not know how long the iron chunk falls from the sky it will be frustrating.

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Home hit by Russian space debris /

In the village of Russia · Altai region people hear explosive sounds from residents saying something has fallen down. When the rescue team and fire brigade rushed to the scene, it was said that a mass of iron, about 1 meter in size, was falling beside the 2-story apartment.

According to a survey after that, this iron mass was released at 22:37 on May 7th local timeBaikonur Space StationIt turned out to be part of the booster rocket launched from. Fortunately there was no injured person, and the apartment which dropped was not so seriously damaged.

The Russian Space Agency is suspecting that the Russian Space Agency may have carried this space debris that was in other places to the site apartment for reparation aid because the on-site apartment is out of the pre-calculated space debris descent position That's right.

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