"Russian scientists advocate that UFO collided with huge meteorite 100 years ago to protect the earth"

It seems that a Russian scholar advocates that UFO collided with a giant meteorite to protect the earth.

It's almost like a movie, but if it's true it may be that you have to thank the alien who you do not know.

Details are from the following.
Russian Scientist: UFO Crashed Into Meteorite to Save Earth - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News - FOXNews.com

According to this article, Russian scholar Yuri Labvin advocated "The UFO has entered a gigantic meteorite to protect the Earth's collision." According to Labvin, the collision between the giant meteorite and the UFO occurred on June 30, 1908, and this giant meteorite seems to be heading over Siberia. The alien who sensed it destroyed the meteorite by assaulting a huge meteorite with UFO to save the earth. The remainder of the meteorite is "Tungusuka meteoriteIt is said that it is a meteorite called.

When asked why such a theory was said, there was a report that we saw a dazzling light and a huge shock wave in the night sky at that time, and when Labvin examined the crash site of Tunguska meteorite, it is a control device thought to be UFO's It seems to have discovered a remnant of the year, and seems to be advocating a theory like this time.

It is doubtful whether the control device really belongs to UFO or if it really conflicted with the UFO and the gigantic meteorite to protect the earth, if it is true it may be a terrible discovery .

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