Coca-Cola, free of charge for "Sogaki beauty tea" to gifts to the first 100,000 people

Japan Coca-Cola blended evening primrose, Hatamigi, brown rice, green tea, Pu'er tea etc. from todaySogyaku tea"Blended barley, brown rice, soybeans, rice crackers, and"Soben beauty tea [five grains]"To the 100,000 first-come-first-served gifts for free.

It is good news that tea can be obtained for free as the sun is strong and sweaty and cheerful continue.

Details are as follows.
First come, first served! Present for a total of 100,000 people! | Coca-Cola News Coca-Cola News

According to this page, Japan Coca-Cola is going to present two kinds of 500 ml PET bottle "Soben beauty tea" and "Soba beauty tea [five grains]" to a total of 100,000 people.

This means that you can access the QR code on the page with a barcode reader, get a redemption coupon, and hold it over the Coca-Cola vending machine (multi-money vendor).

Just hold the coupon displayed on the mobile phone to the vending machine. As the first 100,000 people are eligible, it may be better to check the person you care about early.

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