I ate Tully's 'Shrimp and potato Genovese' with rich cheese and a shrimp pretended by aroma-rich basil

Pasta of Genovese sauce using bright green basil, Tully's "shrimp and potatoes combined"Genovese of shrimp and potatoes"Has appeared on Friday, March 23, 2018. According to Tully 's, it is said that it is finished in pasta which can be eaten as it is, but actually it has eaten.

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I came to Tullys.

In front of the shop, a panel to inform the appearance of a new food menu is put on.

This time we will shop the shrimp and potatoes Genovese (single item: 810 yen including tax), set "today's coffee"Drink set"(1020 yen including tax) to order.

Shrimp and potato Genovese and today's coffee arrived in about 4 minutes.

The instrument with pasta is deep and compared with the iPhone 7 with a long side of 138.3 mm this way.

The amount of pasta that is served is like this.

Basil has dyed pasta in bright green.

Pasta ingredients, with shrimp with size that seems good to eat with pasta ......


Red paprika

And a simple composition called onion.

From the pasta, Genovese sauce, basil and cheese are mixed with appetizing aroma.

When you eat, the deep scent of basil and thick cheese spread into your mouth. Pasta boiled to as good as hardness is stained with Genovese sauce, and the biting and rich source overflows. The shrimp was pretty and the texture of paprika and onion with shakiyaki added variations. The potato is involved with the sauce and is united. Since it is a simple composition, you can feel real pasta with a balanced taste and texture.

As we continue to eat, Genovese sauce has a little oil, so it fills the mouth with oil and becomes dull to the taste ... ...

It is recommended to reset it with coffee and eat. Resetting the oil in your mouth will revive the fresh aroma and taste of the Genovese sauce you felt in the first mouth. Genovese of shrimp and potato could not eat up to the last as "alone can eat", but it was rich and well-balanced pasta was finished.

Genovese of shrimp and potatoes can be ordered at Tally's stores nationwide except for some. 810 yen including tax separately, "Drink set" is 1020 yen including tax for today's coffee or tea. The salad + drink set with salad added is 1140 yen including tax, but if the drink ordered by the set menu is coffee latte or royal milk tea, a plus fee will be incurred. In addition to drinks, 100% fruit squeeze and yoghurt & acai alsoSet order is possible.

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