ECG measurement band for Apple Watch makes it possible to measure hyperkalemia

If the blood potassium concentration is higher than the normal value "Hyperkalemia"Can be a cardiac arrest due to serious arrhythmias, it is a troublesome disease that is often said to have no subjective symptoms.AliveCoraccording to,Apple WatchCan measure electrocardiogram "KardiaBand"By incorporating a new algorithm in the brain, it is possible to judge hyperkalemia with high accuracy.

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Although KardiaBand is a band for Apple Watch, it has a sensor for measuring electrocardiogram in the band and it is possible to obtain ECG by simple operation,The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)We are certified.

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It was held in Florida on Sunday, March 11, 2018American Society of Cardiology (ACC)Mr. Vic Gandra, CEO of AliveCor who develops KardiaBand,Mayo ClinicAnnounced that it is possible to judge hyperkalemia by using KardiaBand with the same technology as the study done at the same time. Hyperkalaemia is a disease caused by diabetes, dehydration, chronic kidney disease and the like which may lead to cardiac arrest due to serious arrhythmia, but it is generally said that there is no subjective symptom.


When the concentration of potassium in the blood increases, the electrical activity of cells such as heart cells is disturbed, but at the same time it changes the electrocardiogram. According to Mr. Gandotra, he thinks that hyperkalemia can be detected by reading the waveform pattern of electrocardiogram, AliveCor and Mayo Clinic jointly studied and developed a new algorithm for KardiaBand.

This algorithmArtificial intelligence (AI)Analyzes the electrocardiogram to determine whether hyperkalemia or not. It seems that AI's learning uses 4 million blood potassium concentration measurements collected over 23 years and 2 million ECG data linked to it, KardiaBand has a high precision of about 90 to 94% It has been reported that hyperkalemia was detectable with.

Some previous studies have suggested that it is not an excellent method to read out electrocardiogram from hyperkalemia,University of VirginiaProfessor William J. Brady of the School of Medicine said, "Although it has been clarified by the study that there are cases in which hyperkalemia is suffering even in electrocardiograms without abnormalities, in the case of normal hyperkalaemia Since it is known that it causes obvious abnormality in the electrocardiogram, we check the electrocardiogram to see if there are symptoms before doing a blood test. "At the field level it is said that electrocardiogram It is revealed that it is used.

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According to Mr. Gandotra, it explains that a new technology to judge hyperkalemia is not approved by FDA and takes time to be actually installed in KardiaBand. In order to gain approval in the future it seems necessary to conduct many clinical trials.

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