What is sophisticated nerve agent "Novichok" rather than sarin and VX used in Russia's double spy assassination attempted case?

On 4th March 2018, former intelligence officer in Russia, Sergei Scrivari who is exiled to the UK and her daughter are likely to be assassinated, and the heavy body continues at the time of article creation. British Prime Minister Terriza May said that it was the nerve agent "Novichok"And announced a statement that the likelihood of an assassination attempt by the Russian authorities is extremely high. BBC and Sky News summarize Nobichoku developed by the Soviet Union and still used as an assassination tool.

Russian spy: What are Novichok agents and what do they do? - BBC News

Novichok nerve agent: What exactly is it?

Scrubary's assassination attempted case
Mr. Scrivari was a former information officer in Russia, guilty of leakage of confidential information to the British Intelligence Department MI 6 in 2004, convicted in Russia, but was released on spy exchange in 2010 and then lived in the UK.

Mr. Scrivari and her daughter Yuria were discovered by Nick Bailey criminal investigators director on March 4, 2018, on the bench outside the shopping center in Salisbury, England. The two who were brought to the hospital are in heavy condition, and Bailey criminal investigation manager is also in hospital due to heavy body.

The British government, which was investigating with the introduction of a specialist police officer against terrorism and the British Army, said on March 11, 2018, more than a week after the incident, "A small amount of nerve agent from a restaurant visited by two people before the incident occurred It was discovered, "and asked about 500 people who used the restaurant to wash clothing and personal belongings. However, because the authorities did not reveal anything that took time to announce and nerve agents, the voice of uneasiness spread out.

You can understand about the outline of the incident by looking at the following article.

【Former Russia · Spy】 British government instructions to wash belongings to 500 guests in pubs and restaurants - BBC News

And on March 12, 2018, Prime Minister Mai made clear that the suspicion that the Russian government was involved was extremely dangerous, as it was Nobichok, which was used in the case of this attempt to assassinate double spies.

◆ What is nobichoku?
· Development by the Soviet Union
Nobichoku is a series of nerve agents developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s, it is known as the fourth generation chemical weapons, and the code name at the time of development was "Foliant". Novichok means "rookie" in Russian. It is believed that over 100 types of chemicals derived from Novi chok have been developed.

Chemicals known as "Novichok A-230"VX gasIt is reported that the toxicity is 5 to 8 times higher than the toxicity. Professor Gray Stefan, a pharmacologist at the University of Reading, says, "Novi Choc is a dangerous and sophisticated substance than Sarin and VX and it is extremely difficult to identify what we used." Several types of A-230 are manufactured, one of which is confirmed to be used by Russian troops as chemical weapons.

· Usage form
It is said that there are some liquids and some solids in Novi Chok. And it can even scatter as ultra fine particles. Also, keep them as chemical substances of low toxicity, and mix them at attack to produce active toxic substancesBinary weaponsThere is also a report that it can be treated as " Biochemist Andy Oppenheimer pointed out the possibility that it could be brought from the airport to the UK, "It is possible to avoid detection if the chemicals synthesizing Novi choc is very small and completely shielded" doing.

· Immediate action
According to a toxicologist, Novi Chok has a strong immediate effect, and even if it touches the skin it will show its effect. Symptoms appear to have high immediate effect as high as 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Meanwhile, it seems that it may take 18 hours from the contact that the powder form of Nobichok may take time until the effect comes out, and the symptoms spread throughout the body.

· Symptoms
Nobichoku is a nervous system active enzymeAcetylcholinesteraseIt is believed to cause the same symptoms as other neurogenic drugs that inhibit. Specific symptoms can naturally lead to death by "narrowing the pupil" "spasm" "diarrhea" "coma" "respiratory insufficiency" "heart rate reduction" "suffocation by narrowing the airway" etc. As an antidoteAtropineIt is effective, it is desirable to administer as soon as possible. However, there seems to be some in Novi Chok possessing characteristics that resist standard antidote.

In the unlikely event that you are exposed to Novi Chok, it is important to take off all clothing and wash away the skin nobichok with soap and water. Moreover, it seems that it is also important to rinse your eyes, as there is a Nobichok which scatters as a powder.

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