Releases preview version of Google's next Android OS "Android P" for developers, notes that the cut-out of the truth revealed

The next version of Android OS for mobile provided by Google "Android P"Developer preview 1 (DP 1) has been released. DP1 is like Android P's launchpad released by Google to get feedback from developers, but a variety of new features that will remain in the product version are also available.

Android Developers Blog: Previewing Android P

Indoor positioning with Wi-Fi RTT
Accurate indoor positioning has become a long-term challenge for navigation applications and location services. Android P enables indoor positioning in applications by adding platform support for the IEEE 802.11 mc WiFi protocol also known as Wi - Fi RTT (Wi - Fi Round - Trip - Time).

In the case of hardware with specifications necessary for indoor positioning, when the usage authority of location information etc. is valid, the application installed by the terminal isRTT APITo measure the distance to the Wi - Fi access point that is nearby. In the Wi-Fi RTT, it is not necessary for the terminal to actually connect to the access point, so privacy can be maintained enough.

By knowing the distance between the terminal and three or more access points, the terminal achieves indoor positioning with accuracy of 1 to 2 meters. By using this, it will be possible to provide users with new experiences such as indoor navigation.

Supports display cutout
In 2018Designed with iPhone X style on Android terminalHas increased rapidly, and it is certain that smartphones with cutouts (notches) on the top of the display will increase. In accordance with this, Android P recognizes the notch on the display and manages how to display the contentAPIWill be introduced.

In addition, it added that simulation function to test support of notches on the application was also added to the option for developers.

◆ Improved message notification
Android P said that it focused on improving the visibility and functionality of notifications, and the new "MessagingStyleIn the notification style of "Notify the message on the notification with a tile. It is possible to display not only text, but also photos and stickers. Simply by selecting reply contents from the notification part, it is also compatible with smart reply that is OK.

◆ Multi-camera API
With Android P's multi-camera API support, you can access streams from more than one camera at the same time. This is an API that is effective at terminals equipped with dual cameras, etc. Innovative functions that can not be realized with a single camera such as seamless zoom / blur can be more easily realized with a dual camera terminal It is an API to do.

Other improvements to the camera include new session parameters to reduce the delay at initial capture and Surface sharing where the camera client can handle various use cases without stopping camera streaming. It also adds display-based flash support APIs and access to OIS timestamps for application level image stabilization and special effects.

◆ ImageDecoder for bitmap and drawable
On Android P, you can easily decode an image into a bitmap or a drawable "ImageDecoder"Is available. By using ImageDecoder, you can create a bitmap or drawable from a byte buffer, file, or URI. Although it is not recommended, it also has advantages such as accurate scaling, single step decoding to hardware memory, post-processing support at decoding time, decoding animation image, etc.BitmapFactoryCan also be used.

With target dimensionssetResize ()Just call, you can decode and scale to the correct size. Also,getSampledSize ()To get the dimensions of the image at a specific sample rate and then scales to those dimensions. If you want to add postprocessing such as circle masking or rounded corners to more complicated effects to the image, add it to is also possible to pass.ImageDecoder.decodeDrawable ()You can also create a drawable directly using. If the encoded image is animated GIF or WebP, Drawable is newAnimatedImageDrawableIt will be an instance of.

◆ HDR VP9 video, HEIF image compression, media API
Support for HDR VP9 Profile 2 is built into Android P so you can play HDR compatible movies from YouTube, Play Movies, and other sources of HDR compatible devices.

◆ Sensitivity of data cost in JobScheduler
JobSchedulerYou can manage scheduled tasks,Doze,Application standby,Background execution limitAndroid's central service to help you handle changes. In Android P, JobScheduler handles network-related jobs more appropriately on the user side, and adjusts the network status signal separately provided by the carrier.

◆ Neural Network API 1.1
Introduced on Android 8.1Neural Networks APIAccelerated machine learning on device on Android. Android P extends and improves this API and supports nine new operations of pad, BatchToSpaceND, SpaceToBatchND, Transpose, Strided Slice, Mean, Div, Sub, Squeeze. For Pixel 2, the Qualcomm Hexagon HVX driver is included in the DP1 build.

◆ Automatic input improvement
Android P continues to improve the automatic input framework based on feedback from users and developers. In addition to major bug fixes, new APIs are also included. This allows password managers to improve the user experience in automatic entry, such as filtering datasets, sanitizing input, and compatibility mode. In particular, Google says compatibility mode will have a major impact on end users.

◆ Open mobile API for NFC payment and secure transactions
On Android P,GlobalPlatform Open Mobile APIIs implemented. On supported devices, the applicationOMAPI APIYou can access Secure Element (SE) to enable card payment and other secure services. The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) provides the underlying API for enumerating the various secure elements available (eSE, UICC etc).

In addition, for "new fingerprint authentication"FingerprintDialog"Improvement of application security using API and microphone / camera from all idle applications and allSensorManagerVarious measures are taken, such as protecting the user's privacy by restricting access to the sensor.

However, at the same time Nexus 5X / 6P and Pixel C, Google's genuine smartphones,Support Android PIt is also clear that it does not do.

For Android P, Google will be holding in May, 2018Google I / O 2018More detailed information will be made public.

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