Multiple events are reported that suddenly laugh while Amazon's artificial intelligence "Alexa" is not calling


Alexa 's artificial intelligence (AI) Alexa installed in Amazon' s smart speaker "Echo" series has posted multiple online fear experiences reports that it laughs suddenly though it is not called. In response to this report, Amazon has announced that it is "making corrections", but still questions remain.

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On February 23, 2018, Alexa, an artificial intelligence on Amazon's smart speaker, posted on Twitter that "Laughing" was reported.CaptHandlebarAccording to Ms. Alexa suddenly laughed when Capt Handlebar was in the kitchen, at first it seems that the child thought that the child was laughing behind himself.

Alexa's laughter can be confirmed from the following movies.

A report that "Alexa laughs"Others are up, "Some people laughed when they were talking in the office" and others who experienced "Amazon Echo Dot laughed loud and strangely laughing when lying in bed and having a deep sleep". The situation that Alexa 's laughter echoes when he is at home alone is a terrible fear.

In response to this situation, Amazon announced the comment "March 8, 2018" I am making corrections. " In the past Alexa is "Alexa, laugh (Alexa, laughing)," but had been made to respond to the phrase, in the future, "Alexa, can you laugh? (Alexa, do you laugh?)" Reaction to the phrase It is said to be modified to be. Alexa has seen a thing due to an erroneous detection such as definitely heard of out laughing suddenly, by this modification, Alexa are thought to a situation that is less out laughing suddenly. In addition, "Alexa, laugh you do?" Rather than "out laughing suddenly" the response to, is that of the change "of course, laugh and I" and told was on to emit laughter in.

However, there is still a question about the fact that Alexa suddenly laughed in a quiet space, such as "When falling asleep".

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