Objects considered as "crashed UFOs" are reflected in Google Maps

It is a topic on the island owned by Britain near the South Pole, as an object such as "crashed UFO" was found. The picture of this strange object was confirmed on Google Maps, it seems that the UFO that got dirty slid and stopped on the ground of the snow.

Alien hunters spot 'crash-landed UFO' in Antarctica using Google Maps | Metro News

This Weird Google Earth Picture Does Not Show a Crashed UFO

Looking at the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, located about 810 miles (about 1,300 km) from the Falkland Islands, the British territory of the South Atlantic Ocean, using Google Earth and Google Maps aerial photographs, "the crashed UFO You can see something like.

I discovered such an object like "crushed UFO" because it is an occult related YouTube channel famous for disseminating conspiracy theorysecureteam 10"is. I have revealed that I found "a crash UFO" in the following movie.

WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic? - YouTube

The coordinates of "crash UFO" are54 ° 39 '44.62 "S 36 ° 11' 42.47" WAt the time of writing the article is also well reflected in the aerial photograph of Google Maps.

The total length of a mysterious object reflected on Google Maps is about 63 meters, and it is an object of a size that can not be done with Bobsled. There is a trace on the snow where you can see that it has slid from around the foot of the mountain nearby, and the "UFO that crashed" has increased more.

Richard Waller, lecturer at physics geography in Kiel University in the UK said, "This picture is a picture of a block of ice that collapsed with ice and snow and caused an avalanche,"Daily Mail OnlineThere are many people who assert that they are commented on the YouTube movie's comment section as "UFO who crashed" but "It's a huge rock sliding down in the snow".

In addition, from the research base of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, it is said that the aerial photographs of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, "It is being asked to record the number and habitat of reindeer on the aerial photograph of the entire island" From the familiar user, the opinion that the trace that looks like "crashed UFO" is "a trace of 100% ice chunks sliding down" has been posted.

Still the movie of secureteam 10 has been played over 800 thousand times at the time of article creation, and it seems that he grabbed many UFO fans and occult lovers.

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