It is pointed out that the case where SOS of a person who was distressed for seven years on a deserted island was found in Google Earth was a hoax

ByRichard Guthnur

In the news site in March 2014Newshound"A woman who was drifting on an uninhabited island wrote a huge SOS on the beach, and a child watching Google Earth discovered this SOS and led to rescue", reporting a moving impression close to a miracle It was. However, when multiple media have investigated, it is pointed out that the reported content is a hoax. Google Earth Finds Woman Trapped on Deserted Island for 7 Years

Did Google Earth Find a Woman Stranded on a Deserted Island for 7 Years? |

In the article of Newshound, it is described in detail that Jema Sheridan who was distressed by the storm and reached the uninhabited island was rescued by Google Earth.

Article I was that Mr. Sheridan of "the morning there is there. Loud airplane of sound ran to the beach jumped up and be heard. Airplane did not even Nante once that you are flying near the uninhabited island until it because, once I arrived to really believe No could. beach, spread a large arm, cried with all one's strength. Then, the luggage airplane is small I was me throwing to me. food Ya is in the luggage drink, other radio had entered. put the radio of the switch, I heard the voice of the people in many years the head. to the person on the other end of the radio listening to the "How did you find me?" and , the person did you say, "there child I found the SOS that you wrote in Google Earth!" .Google Earth is what of, but I did not understand "Toi , We introduce a fairly detailed content of the comment.

This is the image that was posted in the article as "SOS Sheridan's Written."

However, when multiple media investigating suspicion that no information source is written in the article, the possibility that the article of Newshound is hoaxed emerged. For example, the above image of "SOS wrote Sheridan"American Science Promotion AssociationRevealed that it closely resembles a satellite photograph taken of a tribal conflict that occurred in southern Kyrgyzstan in 2010.

In addition, sentences in the article were published in British newspapersDaily MailReported "Ed Stafford survived for 60 days on an uninhabited islandIt turns out that it is quite similar to the sentence of the article that "

The upper part of the image below is Daily Mail, and the lower part is New Sound article sentences actually posted. The red line part shows the parts where the sentences are completely the same and the red frame parts are very similar. When comparing two articles, Sheridan knows that Stafford reached an uninhabited island resembling an uninhabited island and he survived in almost the same way as Mr. Stafford.

According to snopes which points out that "The article of New Shound this time is a hoax", Newshound has posted numerous dubious articles in the past. Article writing Currently,NewshoundWhen trying to browse the URL is ""of"LoleryIt will be skipped to the news site that says. On the other hand, if I open the URL, it is skipped by Lolery and it is in a state I do not understand well what.

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