You can find pictures of Pearl Harbor attack day from among the cameras that have been kept for a long time

When photographing mountain pictures with a digital camera, you can find something like "I took this kind of shoot ..." from the mountain of shot data, but in the United States it is in a foot locker Was inBrownieThe camera of Pearl Harbor attack day was found from the camera.

The picture shows the tugboat of the US NavyUSS Quapaw ATF-110It seems that it was taken by a crew member (volume note attention), and the battleship that wrecked and raised black smoke and the state of the base that was damaged are recorded in a clear.

Details are as below.
Photos stored in camera for 68 years - Pearl Harbor Bombing | Before It's News

Is it a Japanese military flying over the sky?

A bomb falls beyond the airfield, the facility is fierce and flames.

Standing soldiers.

It looks as thought quite frustrating.

The ship is bombed on the harbor side.

A battleship group that has wrecked and puts himself under the water by looking at the structure.

Even here the ship is wrapped in black smoke.

I was attacked in a dry dockPennsylvania(Back). Destroyer Downs (left) and Cassin (right) are sunk in front.

There is a big explosion.ArizonaIt is said that it was hit by an ammunition cabinet and the hull was exploded so that the hull was severed, but was it such a feeling?

Additional notes:
By the way, the picture showing Pennsylvania is Wikipedia "Pearl Harbor attackIt is a famous photograph that is also used in the item of "It seems that not all of these were contained in the camera.

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