iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus cameras are the best choice among smartphones

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Product evaluation information magazine winning high trust in the USA "Consumer · Report"Which of the best smartphone cameras do you have?", We are comparing and evaluating the latest smartphones 10 models and chose dual cameras for iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus as the best smartphone cameras I will.

Best Smartphone Cameras - Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports pegs Apple's iPhone X & 8 Plus as having best smartphone cameras

Consumer · Report ranks each camera performance for 10 models of smartphones that are well-established in cameras, taking into account various factors in photography such as noise, color accuracy, dynamic range etc.

The 10 models of ranked smartphones are as follows. The reason why these 10 models were chosen is that they received a particularly high evaluation in the product evaluation of consumer reports in the past and seem to be said to be among the top 10 smartphone cameras.

"IPhone X" haste photo review, all newly reborn iPhone looks something like this - GIGAZINE

"IPhone 8/8 Plus" haste photo review, how has it been reborn on the back glass? - GIGAZINE

* Both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

"IPhone 7/7 Plus" Quick hit actual machine photo review, how has the details of the design changed? - GIGAZINE

* Both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

"IPhone 6s" & "iPhone 6s Plus" haste photo review, new color rose gold looks like this - GIGAZINE

※ iPhone 6s Plus only

Approximately Bezerless's big screen and writing penetrating ballistic pen with infinite possibilities "Galaxy Note 8" real machine review - GIGAZINE

Samsung high-end smartphone "Galaxy S8 / S8 +" corresponding to bezeless design · virtual assistant · iris authentication · PC conversion dock appeared - GIGAZINE

※ Both Galaxy S8 and S8 +

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In recent years there are a lot of smartphone cameras equipped with high resolution sensors. In the definition of consumer report, high resolution sensor seems to be "12 megapixel or more", and iPhone X and Galaxy S8 / S8 + meet this standard. Consumer reports that photographs of smartphones that have these high resolution sensors can shoot high-resolution pictures that can withstand trimming and enlarged printing. Of course, because it is a camera of a smartphone, it will be inferior if it compares the image quality with a single lens reflex camera etc. However, considering the high portability as a camera and the ease of sharing of photographed photographs, "the best camera on smartphone" I'm evaluating it as "defeat" single lens reflex cameras and the like. In addition, some high-performance smartphone cameras have an optical image stabilization function, and it is also possible to shoot superior movies.

Many of the latest smartphone cameras use "dual cameras" equipped with two cameras. In this dual camera, there are many cases that one is a telephoto camera and the other is a wide angle camera, and there are features that you can take pictures with blurred background by using two cameras. In addition, when taking a lot of pictures with smartphone cameras, we need about 5 MB of capacity for each photo, so you can use a terminal that can use microSD card etc, or a terminal with main storage of 64 GB or more as Consumer · Report We recommend.

In addition to items that evaluate the quality of photos such as noise, color accuracy, dynamic range, etc., in addition to the above "elements required for high-end smartphone cameras", consumer reports rank camera performance of 10 models of smartphones It is. As a result of ranking, the dual cameras of "iPhone X" and "iPhone 8 Plus" were evaluated as the best cameras. iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have the same dual camera.

Indeed, iPhone X's cameras are also highly acclaimed by professional photographers, and it is clearly understood by looking at the following article about which is superior and what type of photograph can be taken specifically.

Professional photographers praised the camera performance beyond the iPhone X's smartphone, also releasing shooting examples - GIGAZINE

In addition, it was Galaxy S8 + released earlier than Galaxy Note 8 that was rated by Consumer Report with having the best camera other than the iPhone. The Galaxy S8 / S8 + / S8 Active has the same camera, but consumer report evaluates that the camera of S8 + is slightly higher quality than S8 and S8 Active.

Richard Fisco, a consumer report tester, said, "As far as camera quality is concerned, there are few variations for the top ten smartphones, although only Apple and Samsung smartphones were compared. "It explains why the terminal ranked in the top 10 became all that of Apple and Samsung. Also, the difference in camera performance between these 10 models is "very small".

In the performance evaluation site "DxOMark" of cameras operated by DxO which develops image processing software and image processing engine, iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 record the score of "94" ......

The iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 record the highest ever "94" with the DxOMark score, which is the best Cameras maho? - GIGAZINE

iPhone X had recorded a score of "97". Although consumer reports evaluate iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus cameras as the same quality, DxOMark evaluates that iPhone X is slightly superior.

Evaluation of the camera function of iPhone X is still still picture "the highest score ever", what is superior and where are the drawbacks? - GIGAZINE

While DxOMark and Consumer Reports have different criteria for evaluation, it is quite undeniable, but while Consumer Reports listed Apple and Samsung's terminals as "Top 10 Smartphone Cameras"DxOMark's scoreMany terminals of various manufacturers are listed.

First place:Google Pixel 2: 98
Second place:Apple iPhone X: 97
Second place:Huawei Mate 10 Pro: 97
4th:Apple iPhone 8 Plus: 94
4th:Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 94
6th place:Apple iPhone 8: 92
7th place:Google Pixel: 90
7th place:HTC U 11: 90
7th place:Vivo X20 Plus: 90
7th place:Xiaomi Mi Note 3: 90
8th place:Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 89
9th place:Apple iPhone 7 Plus: 88
10th:Apple iPhone 7: 85

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