The movie "Forest sank in the flood" that looks like a fantasy world has been released and the number of playbacks exceeds 1.8 million

The movie that shot "Forest sank in the water with the flood" became a hot topic, and the number of viewing times exceeds 1.8 million times. This movie spreads all over the world through SNS etc.,
Entertainment / Tech mediaMashableAnd the American information siteBoing Boing, And of the travel guideLonely PlanetIt is featured in and.

Trilha Submersa no Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata - YouTube

In the movie, the camera moves forward along the way in the woods immersed in water. The scenery of the forest is like aquarium of aquarium.

The place to shoot is upstream of the Laprata River that flows through southern Brazil. The rain fell in the basin of the Rapurata River, the flow velocity of the river declined and as it became like a dam, the water level of the Olho D'Água river, a tributary of the Lapurata River, rose and this kind of sight was created It is. On the water surface at the top of the screen, the landscape of the forest is reflected like a mirror.

The cause of the clear water is that the surrounding environment including this forest was protected as "Private Reserve of the Natural Patrimony" (PRNP) in the protected area in addition to "the water flow was calm" about. In the water, the thin grass is sinking without being destroyed in shape.

The camera follows the road and approaches the bridge. This movie itself was taken by Waldemilson Vera, a tour guide of the park on February 2, 2018.

When the camera reaches the bridge, there is a bridge over the blue water. In addition, this fantastic scenery was seen until the day of shooting, the next day the river level dropped and returned to the original landscape.

In a movie posted on a later date, it shows how crossing a bridge.

Trilha submersa - Novo episodio - Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata - YouTube

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