A movie of Samsung's flagship model "Galaxy S 9 / S 9 +" is leaked and its full appearance revealed

Start from February 26, 2018Mobile World CongressIt is clear that it will be announced in the event of Samsung to be held in advance of the next flagship model "Galaxy S 9"is. Before the presentationImage and detailed specAlthough it had flowed out, the movie has leaked out newly and its whole picture has become clear.

Samsung's Galaxy S 9 launch video leaks out - The Verge

The movie that was leaked is as follows.

Official Galaxy S9 and S9 + launch video surfaces early - YouTube

This is the new Samsung Galaxy S 9.

Samsung "reconsidered" the smartphone to satisfy the needs of mobile terminal users who are rapidly increasing.

With "Seamless Multitasking" of Galaxy S 9, multiple applications can be used smoothly.

In addition, the new function "Samsung DeX" is also installed. When putting Galaxy S 9 on the dedicated "DeX pad" ......

"Samsung DeX" appears on the screen ... ...

You can operate the smartphone by outputting it on the display connected to the DeX pad. Windows 10 Mobile loaded smartphone will be able to operate like a PC "Continuum"And can also be used as a portable game machine or a stationary game machineNintendo SwitchIt is an idea like.

While outputting video to the display, you can use Galaxy S 9 as a trackpad or ...

It can be used as a keyboard.

With DeX you can open multiple windows or display one application on the full screen.

By bringing the latest data in a smartphone and carrying around it, smartphone will become more active in the business scene.

In Galaxy S9, real-time translation function called "Bixby Live Translation" is installed in the camera. The character "Controlador Secundarion" projected on the camera ... ...

It was translated into English as "Secondary Controller".Real-time camera translation of Google Translate applicationFeeling that the function is installed in the standard camera.

Furthermore, if the camera mode is changed to "AR" ...

The name of the device or port displayed by the camera is displayed on the screen. By developing such AR compliant applications, it will be possible to introduce smartphones into various businesses.

In addition, Galaxy S 9 supports IP68 waterproof / dustproof so it can be used in rain. There is no need to worry about water wetness.

Samsung's mobile security platform "KNOX"Version 3.1 is installed.

In addition, it supports multiple biometrics functions. "Eye" icon is displayed above the clock on the screen ... ...

When the left end of the bezel at the top of the display glows red, the lock is released. This is the iris authentication function of Galaxy S9.

The fingerprint authentication sensor is also mounted on the back of the terminal, you can unlock just by placing your finger.

In Galaxy S9, business data and personal data seems to be seamlessly separated, so if the terminal inadvertently goes to hands other than the owner, the data in the terminal will be securely protected.

In addition, the Galaxy S9 has an enterprise version for enterprises, and there are several more business-specific functions. You can easily customize settings and can manage all terminals 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Also, the firmwareOTABecause it corresponds to the update, you can always update the terminal to a safe state by remote operation.

In addition, the enterprise version includes maintenance support, product extension guarantee, security update for up to 4 years, etc.

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