What is amazing for the movie "Florida Project"? It will become like this when movie otaku explains in detail

Published in October 2017 "Florida Project Midsummer MagicIs a film critic site "Rotten Tomatoes"Although high scores were given by the critics, they were not nominated for the Academy Award Work Award, despite being acclaimed by the critics.ForbesWrite articles in creators & writers with over 2 million subscribers in the YouTube channelEvan Puschak"He should have been nominated for the Academy Award for the Florida Project," he says hotly about the excellence of the movie.

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There are many cases where magical things are chosen for the "prize-winning work" of the academy award, but at least for "nomination work" it is important because 7000 academy members can pick up great works from various movies There is, Puschak. Such Puschak seems to be very sorry that the "Florida Project" was not nominated for the work prize.

"The Florida project is definitely one of the most wonderful movies in 2017," Puschak said.

This movie is the story of children living in motels near Disney World in Florida and their parents. Children and their parents are not as distressed as homeless, but there is not enough richness to have a house that they can settle.

Those in poverty give the movie a dark tone ... ...

The genius of this movie is that the movie is drawn from the child's perspective throughout the whole story. Children can not improve the situation, but you can turn everything in the world into a "playground".

The Florida Project is a TV series that began in the 1920'sThe Little RascalsIt is affected by.

The Little Rascals is a comedy movie with children's themes during the Great Depression. Children are in poverty, but they are not touched at all in their work, focusing on "optimism held by childhood".

While the Florida project feels like trying to draw a deeper part than The Little Rascals, it shows optimism and seeing things with a bright eye.

According to Puschak, he supervised the Florida projectSean BakerMr. said he is looking at "making a story" with a very critical eye. Mr. Baker is a person who directed "Tangerine" shot with the full iPhone.

We usually incorporate what we are looking for in an "indirect" way, not as it is. In the Florida project there is a message that there are many "hidden homeless in America", but this message is not directly issued.

The special "drawing" is from the following. First of all, since the movie is drawn in "Children's Perspective", adults often become foot style only. this is"Peanuts"Same as.

Even when the child is not there, it is reflected at low angle.

This is a memory that the viewer told "How big was the world when I was a child?" ...

It is reminded that "How did the sky look like?"

Adults are having difficulty in daily meal, and they can participate in the church's cooking, too. When giving important information on the lives of such people to the viewer, it will be an angle that matches the adult's gaze ... ...

After a while it will return to the height of the hero's Mooney's point of view. By combining such multiple perspectives, the viewer can understand "what's going on there". Mr. Baker is not trying to draw the meaning of "what kind of cookie is" but rather is trying to draw "how ordinary they are for Moony". This point is very splendid.

Almost all important scenes in movies are drawn with "child's viewpoint" like this. For example, the scene where Mooney's mother starts prostitution for his life is as follows. When Mooney is taking a bath ......

The sound which the door of the room opens is huge, and although the figure can not be seen, it is understood that someone has come in. It seems that mothers are interacting with men only by their voice and the situation is not drawn directly, but through Mooney's experience mothers are prostituting.

This implies "a story is indirectly told".

The state of a lonesome town near Disneyland is painted through colorful buildings and children's imagination rich adventure ... ....

"Pains of not having a job" is painted through the kindness of strangers and neighboring residents.

And the two characters Moony and Hayley's mother are drawn through each other's eyes.

Therefore, Haley, from the eyes of Mooney 's "gentle and loving mother" aspect ... ...

It will be drawn in two aspects, "negligent self-centered mother".

The fact that Hayley 's selfish aspect is in common with Moony can be seen from Mooney' s behavior.

On the other hand, audiences feel Hairy the same "innocence" as Moony.

By repeating these, movies have succeeded in drawing "bigger truth" beyond movies.

In other words, the two live on the bottom of capitalism under the influence of the recession, and it is a typical pattern of people who have been suffering and are not able to escape for decades therefrom.

Hailey is drawn in the same way as "innocent Moony", which highlights Hailey's innocence. The responsibility for the lives of Hayleigh, of course, is also in Hayleigh himself, but as Haley's innocence is drawn through Moony, the movie shows that he superbly depicts "social responsibility for poverty" across individuals . Beyond this movie, Puschak says that there is no work that has drawn poverty in this way.

That does not mean that this movie is making a sad story like a "Trojan horse", but the movie itself is bright and "sadness" is always described as "fun". Mr. Baker does not take the approach of drawing either one.

Because Mr. Baker is understanding that "sorrow and pleasure are the same thing", Puschak says. The production of such a movie should be promoted through the nomination of the Academy Award Work Award, "It is a disgraceful thing that this movie was not chosen,snobI do not quite know what to think of, "Puschak said.

The trailer of the Florida project can be seen from the following.

The Florida Project | Official Trailer HD | A24 - YouTube

The Florida Project 's publication in Japan will be scheduled from May 12, 2018.

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