Windows Vista SP1 will be distributed next month, operation speed will be improved

It is SP1 (service pack) of Microsoft OS "Windows Vista" expected to be released, but it is said that it will be distributed next month.

When SP1 is applied, some operation speed will improve.

Details are as follows.
Windows Vista Team Blog: Announcing the RTM of Windows Vista SP1

According to this article, Windows Vista SP1 will be distributed in mid-March through Windows Update and will be delivered through automatic update in the middle of April. The corresponding languages ​​are English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

In Windows Update and Automatic Updates, if a driver that is said to have a problem is installed on your computer, it is said that SP1 will not be automatically applied.

By the way, it is a benefit that you can receive by applying SP1, but copying of files etc. over the network will improve by up to 50%, and the speed of returning from the sleep state will be improved.

· 14: 05 additional note
According to Microsoft, details of major functions and additions of functions performed in Windows Vista SP1 are as follows.

· Shorten file copy, shutdown time, and recovery time from hibernation
· Windows BitLocker Add Drive Encryption Multi Volume Function
· Windows BitLocker Add Drive Encryption Multifactor Function
· Smart card logon by biometric authentication
· Expansion of group policy items
· Steady progress in application compatibility
· Improvement of battery life
· Enhanced security

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