VFX disassembly movie that understands how the waste disposal place and female type hologram that appeared in "Blade Runner 2049" were synthesized

"Blade Runner 2049" released as an orthographic sequel to the former SF movie "Blade Runner" published in 2017 appeared in the form of a protagonist Deckard played by Harrison Ford in the previous work and the overall atmosphere also took over On top of that,Make the streets of Los Angeles with miniaturesI was sticking to the thoroughly and was produced. Framestore, who worked on how VFX of such a work was made, is clarifying on YouTube.

Blade Runner 2049 | VFX Breakdown | Framestore - YouTube

Los Angeles in 2049 where huge power generation facilities line up.

Fields continue in the suburbs, but this removes all trees from the aerial photographs and transforms it into a petty and inorganic impression. Left is after processing, right is before processing.

Ryan Gosling's acting investigator K is a scene at the beginning of a movie to visit Sappa · ​​Morton, a fugitive replicant. A set of cars and plastic houses is made and a green back is set up so that the background can be processed.

K. I got off the car. In the movie as well, it was a scene with poor visibility as a whole, but smoke was also burned on the scene.

It's like this when it's in a movie.

Scene where K is concerned about the root of the tree. I shoot with the green panel upright at the part where the building is reflected, but not all are composites.

Next, K is a scene to investigate children born by Replicant · Rachel who escaped with Home AI · Joy's hologram. Joy to look into the terminal.

However, when Joy falls backwards a little, K's face appears.

Joy was looking into overlapping with K.

First, put K in front of the terminal.

Then it is Joy.

If they are both CG, overlapping is free.

In the outskirts of Los Angeles there is a processing facility where massive amounts of garbage have been disposed. In reality there is no vast processing place so place the ruins on the terrain ... ...

Next, pile up the mountain of garbage.

A trash transport came there ... ...

Like a blade runner, I let it rain on the screen.

Completion of the scene to dump garbage in a dark processing place where it rains.

In the scene where K and Joy search for the clue of the child, I will fly with this hover car in this rain ... ...

Two staff were hitting the wind towards the set car.

Joy in the car. If you think what you are doing is a scene that is getting sick as a result of lightning strikes ......

Digital Double Joy appears.

The second digital double is full of block noise as if it were mosaiced.

The third digital digit that turned over there.

The body is transparent through the 4th body.

And before the processing of Joy, the processing of the scenery seen from the window of the car is done. The outside was a green back, but to the plain which is nothing.

There is garbage dressed in there ... ...

It started to rain.

Completing with Joy. Noise has emerged around the face, but this is not a mistake in image processing, it is such a picture.

Scene where K got off the car. The garbage in the vicinity of the car is a bonfire.

However, since there are many unnecessary items such as shooting cranes around, we cut out only the area around the car.

Rearrange in the middle of a mountain of messy iron scraps.

The difference before and after processing is like this.

The part where garbage stacked like a mountain does not truly trash garbage but assembles a foothold like a bank and arranges garbage on the surface.

Further increase the amount of garbage and it will be completed.

In other words, the scene where K is climbing this mountain is truly walking in the garbage.

In the second half of the movie, you can see the ruined Las Vegas. In the movie it was brown and crowded as it was in the dust ... ...

You can see the streets before it gets dusty.

In addition, since BD / DVD will be released on March 2, 2018, the make-up that is recorded as privilege video is released on YouTube.

"Blade Runner 2049" Award image ① - YouTube

There is also a trailer with comments by Anna de Armas who played Joy and Silvia Hawks who played love to fight deadly with K.

Movie "Blade Runner 2049" Ana & amp; Sylvia Commented Trailer / Digital Popular Delivery - YouTube

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