A making movie which is clearly understood that a powerful air fighting scene of the movie "Dunkirk" was filmed using a real fighter plane is on sale

Film by Christopher Nolan, published in September 2017Dunkirk"Of World War IIDynamo strategy (Dunkirk withdrawal)It is a work that painted the whole film, filmed with film, and it was talked about being made without using CG as much as possible. The air fight scenes where fighters coming out during the play flight are not using CG, they said that they were taken with real fighter aircraft. How you actually shot the battle scene was seen in the making movie released on YouTube by the official Warner Brothers channel.

The Dunkirk Spirit - YouTube

In order to shoot the air warfare scene of "Dunkirk"Super Marine SpitfireThe real machineMesserschmitt Bf 109A fighter that resembles a fighter was used.

Fighter aircraft that fly low-altitude to graze a ship floating on the sea surface is also real.

From the commitment of director Noran who wanted to capture the realistic air warfare scene using the IMAX camera, a technique was adopted in which IMAX camera was fixed and captured by attaching a special harness to wing and cockpit.

A shot that shoots the cockpit of the Spitfire in flight from the side was taken with the camera installed on the wing.

Scenes looking into the aim of the machine gun ......

It is taken from the shoulder of the pilot using a special lens. Director Nolan said he was aiming for the effect that the audience really got realistic feeling that he was riding in a fighter plane by putting in the IMAX camera the war landscape seen from the pilot's point of view in the cockpit.

The scene of seeing the water column rising on the sea from the cockpit is very real and powerful, but that should be that, too, the cockpit windshield, water column, sea level, warships are all real, not CG.

In order to take realistic and powerful air fighting scenes, Noran and director of photographyHoité Van WiitemaHe said that he had experienced what he feels to fly on fighter aircraft by himself getting into Spitfire.

Besides attaching to fighter aircraft, various other shooting methods are adopted. For example, this helicopter is prepared for aerial photography, but a gimbal is attached to the nose and the IMAX camera is fixed.

Also, IMAX camera is attached to the base of the nose and tail wings to shoot the flying Spitfire and Messerschmitt from various directions.

When shooting while flying alongside fighter aircraft, Nolan also boards the plane and gives direct instructions.

In this scene that captured the expression of the pilot who fighter fighter ......

I made a model of the cockpit and took a picture with the IMAX camera. Recent shooting is the use of synthesis using greenback and blueback, but as a result of pursuing realism, a method of shooting pilot with a huge handle tilting the cockpit with a huge handle, making a cockpit on a high-viewable hill Is adopted.

Director Nolan himself turns around a huge steering wheel and gives instructions to the staff.

In the scene where the enemy machine gun shooting is taking place, beside the cockpit windshieldStrikingI'm shooting with a device called.

In the scene where fighter aircraft arrive further ......

Shooting was done with a giant catapult injecting a fighter with IMAX camera fixed.

In order to capture the state of sunk into the sea as it is, I photographed with a very expensive IMAX camera as it was submerged.

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