How to correctly evaluate and prioritize the value of your own idea


There is a worry that "There is no idea anything ...", but on the other hand, there is a problem of "I am in trouble because there is too much idea of ​​what I want to do!" In such a case, you will need to choose "Choose this idea and discard that idea instead", but on the question of "How can I know the value of an idea that is important for selection?" Software engineer'sTommy WalshAn article that Mr. explained explained is posted in Indie Hackers.

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Tommy has been floating around for some time with every and every idea from Twitter · Facebook · Uncle around him · in his head,TrelloI made a large amount of "idea of ​​what I want to do" card on the board. Until a while ago, Tommy who had trouble of "I do not want ideas to come up", but this time he changed and struck and he faced the trouble of "There are too many things to do and I do not have time".

Tommy, who thought "I should put a ranking of what I want to do", but what I want to do simply list the alphabetical order is meaningless. Even if you choose with your own feeling, you may choose "your favorite project" by some people, and you may choose "a project that is likely to make a profit". Some people may have criteria that some people do not think about, but Tommy says, "I analyzed this more and made a useful algorithm for many people."

According to Tommy, "The first thing to do first of all is to make it clear what state you are referring to" running the idea. "It can also be done by constructing Trello cards, It is not to change the background color or tag of the card. " Although we tend to define that "thinking to execute ideas" is to think about that idea in your mind, it seems that it is just a misunderstanding that it is "working on ideas". "Tommy says," I've died after saying "I better understand the problem," "I will actually do it at the end of this week" and did not do anything, "Tommy says.

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"In order for us to run ideas, we must be able to confirm that we will progress little by little a day a day, otherwise we will feel that you are moving backwards every day When it reaches the apex, I will give up realizing the idea, "Tommy says. As long as we do not actually see something going on, our ideas gradually become slender and gradually lost. Of course suddenly I get sick or urgent and can not advance perfectly to realize the idea everyday, but Tommy says the effort to get close to perfection is essential. "A visibly steady mission and doing it on a daily basis make the most of your ideas."

In order to push towards the goal, it is necessary to define "the goal of the idea". A definite end does not occur in the actual project, for example, even when releasing an application etc., it is necessary to continuously update the bug or fix the bug, but clearly states that it can declare "realized the idea" Tommy says that it is important to do. "Amazon says this is" start with a press release. "Let's arrange the ideas for which the goal can not be defined in the lower part of the list.These ideas are not well shaped yet, Although it may be good to give a definite shape by performing the storming, many are useless shits. "

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"Once you have determined the goal you want, you need to set up tasks that are necessary to achieve your goal, but it's a waste to spend time on this work, so let's take an hour for each idea," Tommy I will talk. You may not be able to identify all the tasks related to ideas in an hour, but at least you have to clarify "how to make ideas come true".

Tommy says, "In order to release an application, you need to find a hosting server, create a landing page, create a logo, etc. If these tasks can not be done to yourself" If it can not be tolerated for reasons such as "for nothing, it will be necessary to reconsider the idea," and when we identified the task, "should this idea really be worth doing"? It is appealing. Tommy asserts that if you actually put the idea into practice, Tommy argues that "hidden tasks" that have not been noticed until then will appear one after another, so if you feel uneasy with visible tasks, The priority of the idea is low ".

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Tommy asserts that once you have thought about the idea with these methods, you need another step. "That is how much achievement of individual ideas contributes to achieving the goals set for your own life," Tommy says. "Some of the ideas may be the goal of getting money for the purpose of side jobs, which is also a wonderful goal, but learning about block chains or opening up You should create a source project. "

"There are not many people who do not come with pins even if they are said to be" the goal of life. "Although they lived vaguely now and desperately tackle the tasks in front of the eyes at that time, I did not find anything I wanted to do through my life Some people are walking a desolate life, but if there is no goal for life, it is time to find it now, I will thrust you, whatever reason you live day by day We need something, "Tommy says.

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"When the above ranking is over, let's implement the idea that there is no most uncertain task that best matches your life goal.This algorithm may not yet be perfect, but almost perfectly I think that it is near, "Tommy says.

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