Headline news on February 16, 2018

"Saturday and Sunday, March 24, 2018" Sun "will be held"AnimeJapan 2018"New animation of" Cutie Honey "broadcasting starts from April"Cutie Honey UniverseIt was revealed that two people of the leaves and sisters will appear at the stage event of.

There is a friendship such as Mr. Akira Nagai contributed to the illustration collection distributed by leaves and sisters at the comic market at the end of 2017, and this time, as a celebration of Cutie Honey Animation, it will appear as a custom costume. People who are planning to attend the event will be looking forward to say, "Which honey will we be, please look forward to everyone?"

TV animation "Cutie Honey Universe" 2nd PV  voice actor lifting prohibition! ! / Anime "Cutie Honey Universe" 2nd PV - YouTube

© Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning - Project CHU

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India disallows full use of disposable plastic containers · dishes · plastic bags - GIGAZINE

McDonald announces innovative product "STRAW" re-invented straw using fluid dynamics - GIGAZINE

What changes when changing from "HDMI 2.0" to "HDMI 2.1"? - GIGAZINE

Scientific materials supporting the continental "Geelandia" hidden in the east of Australia will be released - GIGAZINE

"Museum of Endangered Sounds" collecting extinct sound effects such as dial-up sound, floppy disk reading sound, sandstorm sound of TV, etc. - GIGAZINE

Hundreds of immune system genes are shut down when smoking an electronic cigarette - GIGAZINE

Data shows that 'modern youth' is far more exemplary than parent generation - GIGAZINE

"Life-long income of life is determined by the first 10 years of career" - GIGAZINE

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"Hungry" or "hangry" Why do I get hungry for a rush? - BBC News

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New era, publication is after this year end ... Shorter period until amendment: Politics: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Osaka Univ .: Entrance examination mistake "commentary" mistake? Further suspicion of physical problems - Mainichi Shimbun

CNN.co.jp: Obama requests the introduction of "sensible gun control law" US high school shooting

CNN.co.jp: Influenza vaccination, effects stop at 36% US authorities

Following GDP dressing allegation | Marukawa Tomoo | Column | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Declined audit by employment support project, refunded 180 million yen to NPO Instruction: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"There is no place to snow away" with heavy snow ... Request for installation in the SDF: Society: Yomiuri Shimbun (YOMIURI ONLINE)

Uterine cancer surgery for 69 people without satisfying safety standards Saitama Soka City Hospital | NHK News

Leaving in Kansai and abandoning the mountain visitors of suitcase ...: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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[Reference material] Validation results in Kyoto City · Building 15 years · Condominium in 2 rooms If you go out for 30 minutes go for "Air conditioning" "Debris"! | Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Be careful when traveling in Taiwan ... even if there is a box burning on the street there is not garbage burning - Togetter

"The constitution of Kyoto University is becoming a black company" Yoshida dormitory withdrawal / declaration of signboards Symposium - Lawyer Dot Com

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A Japanese map "OVER YABA", "completely Chinese spy" - the "inverted map" formally produced by Toyama Prefecture - was the backward direction of the Constitutional Democratic Party and Akira longo wife - Togetter

Background of Balto service termination | Goodpatch Blog

Wi-Fi network function with stability and flexibility announced "AiMesh"

On February 16, 2018, ASUS JAPAN Corporation announced the latest function "AiMesh" that connects multiple ASUS Wi - Fi routers and provides a mesh network. With AiMesh, ASUS routers of different models can be mixed in the network, and you can take advantage of already existing ASUS Wi - Fi router. In addition, you can monitor all AiMesh routers, and you do not have to switch networks by seamless roaming technology when moving.

About livedoor blog HTTPS | Livedoor blog official blog

Currently we are promoting countermeasures, but due to the enormous service scale, we are not currently able to guide the completion time.

Accelerating front end and PWA // Speaker Deck

Infrastructure team to SRE / SRE in Mercari Developers Summit 2018 // Speaker Deck

Russia carries out the cyber attack of 2017, the United States and British condemned a photo 1 International news: AFPBB News

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TV anime "Magical Girls site" Tiza PV 1st bullet - YouTube

3.23 Release "Girls & Panzer Final Chapter" Episode 1 Blu-ray Special Edition Limited Edition Video Award Digest Summary - YouTube

"Valkyria 4 on the Battlefield" Imperial Army Character Introduction Picture - YouTube

"SINoALICE (Shinoalis)" "Gretel · Kaguya Hime" Reality story New chapter liberation PV - YouTube

"Monster Hunter: World" Download Content Lineup Vol.1 - YouTube

PV2 game "Advance Giant 2" PS4 / PS Vita / Switch / Steam - YouTube

5/24 release! 【P5D】 Takakugako (CV. Mizuki Nana) - YouTube

5/24 release! 【P3D】 Iori Iori (CV. Toriumi Kosuke) - YouTube

Nintendo SWITCH dedicated software preparatory all idle perfect stage! - YouTube

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CNN.co.jp: US Radio Moderator, 17-year-old Snowbo Olympic Gangster fired sexual remarks

JR Hokkaido "Mr. Japan Ham, if you decide to relocate to Kitahiroshima, you will make a station": Polly Bulletin

190: Wind blowing if there is none @ \ (^ o ^) / 2018/02/16 (Fri) 12: 51: 09.02 ID: PsdxlYYOa
There is no reason not to make it to become a vows station dramatically if you make it profitable

【Egoshi Yogawa】 Hanshin fan set 【Homerun】: What's Ji Stadium @ N J Summary

Fujii Sota It is a feat accomplished by five strikes: batting line: Insane @ N

"Downsize" special video | Hong Chau - YouTube

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(PDF file)Why do not you enjoy the astringent of Matcha? Released from 2/20 (Tue) for 3 weeks only "Morning tea" sweet using Matcha Green Tea supervised by Maruya coffee! !

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