Headline news on February 9, 2018

Fair sponsored by Village Vanguard on the theme of "Lily" meaning friendship and affection between women "Lily Exhibition 2018"Is to be held. A total of 30 creators, including special participation and anthology participation, participated, and events and goods were all enriched to the highest ever.

The exhibition is held in Tokyo at Ikebukuro Marui 7th Floor space from Saturday, Sunday, March 17th to Sunday, May 17th, 2018, Osaka will be held at Parks Hall on the 7th floor of Namba Parks on Saturday, March 31, 2018 to April 8 Sun (Sun), Fukuoka is undecided at the venue in the middle of April.

The participating creators are as follows.

·manga artist
Rainbow hit ("I will return to the last train")
Tenoyaki Yuya ("This Hana goodness")
Ito Hachi ("Your husband and the girl Mel with her ears" "My moon is beautiful")
Eriko Eshima ("Yuzu Mori")
Osawa Yayoi ("2DK, G pen, alarm clock")
Canno ("Kiss and that sireuri to that girl")
Kishi Torajiro ("Empire of Otome")
Xuan Aza ("Hoshikawa Ginza 4-chome")
Sub router ("citrus")
Shimura Takako ("Blue Flower")
Hiromi Takashima ("Kase's Series")
tMnR ("Even if it is a godless thread")
Nakatani 鳰 ("Become you soon")
Yuta Nishio ("After Hours")
Hirao Auri ("If thrusts bring me Budokan, I will die")
Fumio Fumio ("I want to make you cry")
Jun Minami ("Devil's Riddle")
Akiko Morishima ("Whispering Kiss ~ Read my lips.")
Milk Morinaga ("Hana and Hina are after school")
Yukiko ("Futobeona")
Akinori Yoshitomi ("Lily system")

· Special participation
Izumi Kawamori ("A girl in a basket falls in love")
Unemployed ("My lily is a job!")

· Anthology
Eclair Yuri resounding to you Lily Anthology
Lily Comic Magazine Galette

Albina Albina ("Albina Albina")
Keisuke Hasegawa ("Girls' collection")
Minori Takahashi ("Our 525 days")
Yuria ("Futosumo Hall")

The main visual of "Lily Exhibition 2018" looks like this.

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