A web application "Origami Simulator" that can easily simulate complicated origami with a 3D model at an impossible level in reality

Japanese traditional play"Origami" known worldwide is also applied to rockets and airbags, attracting attention also in mathematics and physics, the concept of converting planes to solids. A free web application that can simulate such origami with a web browser on a PC and seems to be useful for thinking about structure and folding methodOrigami Simulator"ButAmanda GhassaeiIt is open to you.

Origami Simulator

Accessing Origami Simulator looks like this. The origami 3D model is displayed in the center. In Origami Simulator, instead of sequentially displaying origami folding methods, it shows what happens when folding fold lines and valley fold lines engraved on paper all at once. The model can be rotated by dragging it.

The "Fold Percent" slide bar on the right can move from -100% to 100% and you can adjust the folding condition. If you set the slide to 0% in the center, the fold is displayed on the plane.

Move the slide to the right to try and set it to 25%. Unevenness was born along the fold, showing a little rounded.

It is like 50%. Unevenness gets deeper, more rounded.

I made it to 100%. Paper that was flat was folded into a grid pattern, and it was about a quarter in size.

Check the Strain Visualization on the left to visualize the paper tension. A blue color indicates that the tension is well dispersed, while a red color indicates that the tension is biased.

Looking at the following movie, you can understand the change of the tension applied to the paper when it is folded at a stretch of 100% from the plane.

I observed the change in the tension on the origami in Origami Simulator - YouTube

In addition, by selecting "Example" from the menu bar at the top, you can read the origami model which is prepared in advance. For example, select "Origami" from "Example" and select "Crane".

Then cranes familiar in Japan were displayed.

In addition to this, this paper using folds of curves ......

When folded and tension balanced, it became a cylinder with a pattern. Although it is a simple form, there are some things difficult to actually fold the folds of the curve.

Besides origami, cut paper is also available. The following models are Japanese architectsYoshinobu MiyamotoA tower of cut paper invented by.

This model is engraved with numerous folds, but when folding all this ... ...

The character "HELLO WORLD" appeared.

Origami Simulator can also simulate your origami origami by loading the SVG file showing the crease as follows. If you record mountain fold lines and valley fold lines in the specified color, it will be read by Origami Simulator and folded automatically.

AlsoSteamVRYou can also use it in VR space if you use. The creator Amanda Ghassaei has published the following movie to actually use SteamVR to use Origami Simulator.

Origami Simulator VR Demo - YouTube

Although the Origami Simulator is a web application with the content "simulate origami" as its name suggests, folding up the entire folded paper at once, considerable effort is required to actually fold the prepared example It is necessary. However, conversely, by using Origami Simulator, it can be said that it is possible to easily simulate what is impossible to fold because it is too small in reality. However, it may not work satisfactorily if it is a non-powerful PC, and furthermore it can not be used from the web browser of smartphone, so it is necessary to be careful.

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