Why will it be possible to do doping at the Olympic Games?

byScott Webb

For the first time at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, the men of speed skating / short track and Japanese Hiroshi Saito players stopped provisionally as they showed a positive reaction by doping test. However, it is said that athletes' doping is done more than what actually comes to light.

Why Is It So Easy To Cheat At The Olympics?

Diuretic "Acetazolamide"His reaction was to stop temporarily in February 13th by Saito Hideo. Saito insisted on innocence, but there was no counterfeit material, and the players village on 12thI am leaving..

【Pyeongchang Olympics】 Japanese doping positive response to Hideo Saito at the first competition - BBC News

Saito was the first time that a positive reaction came out in the doping test since the beginning of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, but before the openingSports Arbitration Court(CAS) announced that they will not approve the participation of coaches with 47 Russian players who did systematic doping.

IOC, Russian athletes' participation in the Pyeongchang Olympics without participating in the innocent players - BBC News

However, the number of doping actually done is expected to be much higher than the one that became bright as a scandal. Associate Professor Thomas Hildebrandt of Mount Sinai Medical College who studies about performance enhancement shows the idea that doping by athletes and others is done on a large scale, "Although doping was discovered for Russian players , We must think that the same thing happens with other programs. "World Anti-Doping Organization(WADA) conducted a doping test of hundreds of thousands of Olympic athletes, of which 1 to 2% showed a positive response in banned drugs and other tests, but in fact the doping was done more extensively I say that.It was announced in January 2018According to the survey results, when examining thousands of world class athletes, 57% said that they admitted that they used drugs to strengthen performance in 2017.

So why are players showing positive reactions in the doping test limited? This means that the issue of inspection timing is involved. In the Olympic competitors, the unprecedented doping test will be done the year before the game is played. This means that the athlete reports the schedule of each day and the place of stay in advance, and the WADA inspector visits his / her home or residence and collects the sample, looking at the schedule. However, doping tests are expensive to carry out, so many will be done at the time the match is approaching. Players and coaches who know about that intake a small amount of medicine in the off season so that later tests do not cause positive reactions, Associate Professor Hildebrand says. Even doping done with a small amount of medicine in the off season has the effect of improving performance, "The athlete can make a physical body at the time when there is no doubt and the examination is not performed frequently," Thing.

Also, it is possible to do doping without positively reacting even with timing problems. Because it will not be detected if you use "drug that WADA never saw". As an aim to improve athletes' performanceAnabolic steroidAlthough it is common, anabolic steroids are subject to WADA inspection. However, like anabolic steroidsAndrogenThere are at least 500 kinds of chemical substances targeted to receptors, and it is possible to think of producing laboratory drugs that can not be detected by previous tests.

Because the contents of doping tests are also progressing, even if unknown drugs are used, it will be detected. However, due to such a system, Associate Professor Hildebrand explains that there are not a few players who do risk by doing risks for games.

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