Body changes and side effects caused by doping

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Doping refers to the use of drugs by athletes to enhance athletic performance and is a cheating act prohibited at the Olympics and many games. However, the player who knows the cheating but handles the doping will not fail. What is the attraction of integrated doping, dealing with a wide range of themes such as science and cultureLife NogginA movie explaining the physical effects and side effects obtained by doping on YouTube channel called "What Do Performance - Enhancing Drugs Do To Your Body?"Is released to the public.

What Do Performance - Enhancing Drugs Do To Your Body? - YouTube

Despite being banned at doping competitions such as Olympic Games, doping cheating is currently in existence athletes who will give out hands. Why do athletes do doping, what kind of effects are obtained by doping?

The most famous doping drug "Anabolic steroidIt is broken down in the body when taken and binds to a kind of intracellular protein called the androgen receptor.

The binding of the androgen receptor to the anabolic steroid secretes a large amount of protein in the body.

When proteins are secreted, skeletal muscle begins to self-replicate and muscle mass increases. In one study, it is known that muscle mass increases by an average of 38% when men take anabolic steroids and do training.

Also, decompose proteins into amino acidscatabolismThere is a merit that you can recover quickly even if you do intense training.

However, side effects such as acne, hypertension, alopecia are recognized in both men and women ... ...

Moreover, side effects unique to males such as shrinkage of testicles, reduction of spermatozoa and prostate cancer may occur.

In the case of a woman, side effects such as darkening of the hair of the face, lowering of the voice, stop of menstrual irregularity and menstruation will occur.

Then, what kind of doping is done by athletes who do not need muscle, athlete is required to raise cardiorespiratory abilityBlood dopingYou may use a technique called.

Lance Armstrong who won seven times in Tour de France in the world's best bicycle road race confessed blood doping and received permanent exile from cycling competition, including the 7th successive Tour de France, 1998 8 All titles since the month have been deprived.

Blood doping is a doping technique that increases the amount of erythrocytes using their own blood and can obtain higher endurance than originally.

In one study, blood doping resulted in a 34% improvement in endurance.

In addition, it was found that in a survey conducted on the treadmill with a running test of 8 km, it was possible to run about 44 seconds earlier on average than normal conditions. I think that it is only 44 seconds, 44 seconds for the athlete is a tremendously big number.

There is no side effect of blood doping, but in 1986 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) made a prohibition method and there is a possibility that it will be expelled from the sports world forever by using it.

Rather than doing doping, it is natural that it is right to train and train oneself. A viewer watching sports is disappointed if the person who was supporting it is doing doping. If you win by winning the doping, you can win a gold medal, but there are a lot of things to lose by doping.

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