Canadian athlete competes against 'hot swallowable tablet computer' against the heat of the Tokyo Olympic Games

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The Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled to be held in 2020 will be carried out from July to August, but in 2018 Japan was hit by a record hot weather, and during the Olympic period of 2020 It is expected that the temperature will rise. Meanwhile, in Canada, it is planned to "swallow a small computer" in order to make the best performance to the athlete under harsh environments.

Computerized pill will be part of Canada's preparation for heat at Tokyo Olympics | CBC Sports

The Canadian team who participates in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 is supposed to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which is expected to be very hot, swallowing a small computer that measures the deep body temperature in the back of the body during training and competition . Evan Danfi who got into fourth place at the 50 km race of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 participated in the athletics competition organized by NACAC to be held in mid August 2018, swallowing a small computer to measure this deep body temperature It is a prospect.

A sports scientist, Trent Stellin Welf , is thinking about measures against the Tokyo Olympic Games, with the Canadian Olympic team. Mr. Stellin Welf, "After allowing a player like Evan to take a tablet of a small computer, after the competitor finishes 4 hours of competition, you can get deep body temperature data every 30 seconds during the competition," I mentioned.

The deep body temperature of humans affects the performance of the competition, but even if the body temperature drops too much or rises too much, it is not possible to demonstrate the best performance. In addition, it is said that not only the outside air temperature and humidity, but also the strength of exercise are greatly influential factors of deep body temperature. The tablet type small computer works in cooperation with the external receiver with Bluetooth, and Mr. Stellinwelf can monitor the deep body temperature data of the athlete in real time. Even if the athlete has gone far away and it is separated to the extent that radio waves do not reach, since data is accumulated in the computer main body, data can be received from the computer returning to the reach of the radio wave again.

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Mr. Danfie will talk about this new data measurement method, "The method of analyzing the temperature of the athlete's body by gathering data that could not be obtained so far will change dramatically, It was impossible to think that we could receive data from inside the stomach just by holding the receiver and approaching, "he said. Mr. Danfi and Mr. Stellinwerf analyzed the performance during death and the body temperature during the competition, "It is possible to put more strain on the body in what condition whatsoever and in what condition it should be impossible Is not it? "It seems that he thinks that he can think of planning a race based on deep body temperature.

"Because there are cases where spinal cord injury inhibits the ability to sweat, preparations for the heat of Tokyo are necessary for Paralympic athletes," says Stellin Welf. Normally, humans can lower body temperature by sweating, but if their ability to sweat is low, there is a possibility that body temperature can not be lowered well.

The tablet type small computer used by the Canadian team is made by BodyCap , a French company developing small wireless sensor and in-house monitoring system. A computer is about 70 dollars (about 7700 yen), so it seems that reuse is impossible. In addition to small computers, Canadian athletes deal with the harsh environment of the Tokyo Olympic Games using a variety of state-of-the-art equipment such as athletes wearing patches measuring sodium and glucose contained in perspiration and proteins It's a schedule.

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