Candy "SnowDome Lollipop" review packed with snowy scenery in winter seems to want to look forever

American custom lollipop (sticked candy) specialized manufacturer founded in 2008 "Vintage Confections"Lollipop that draws the winter night sky and snowy landscape in candy" made by "SnowDome LollipopAppeared at the end of 2017 even in Japan. It became a topic such as being introduced in the information program of the morning, and the haste sold out. The minute I reserved for the subsequent resale has finally reached so I tried carefully what kind of candy it was.

"Snow dome candy" confined a fantastic snow scene

Five kinds of SnowDome Lollipop arrived like this. Especially it was not packed in a package such as a box.

The address of Vintage Confections is printed on the bar of candy.

The candy part is contained in the bag, and the tag is attached to the root.

Removed the attached tag, gently peel off the pasted seal, the Vintage Confections logo appeared.

The raw material name was written on the back of the tag. This is "Tree / Strawberry" (Strawberry taste), but the raw materials were the same for all 5 types.

Turn the paper tape that is being wrapped and remove it to remove the packaging.

When peeled it faintly smelled sweetly in strawberries. The size of the candy part is standard as a lollipop of this hand, about the same as the diameter of 500 yen coin.

As the candy became slightly cloudy and the picture became difficult to see, when I tried painting the tap water lightly on the surface, the inside seemed transparent and became firmly visible. In the candy there are drawn fir tree with white snow.

There are countless fine bubbles in the transparent part of the candy, but when light is inserted in this bubble, it glows dull silvery and it looks like snow falling from the sky.

Because the picture is drawn on the boundary part of candy, when looking from the side, the picture can not be seen, it looks like a sphere stuck with transparent candy and white candy. When you lick candy, the sweetness expands into your mouth with the scent of strawberries

"Snow mountain / Guava (guavaTaste) "is covered with snow under the night sky of winter and a pure white mountain forest is drawn. Guava's sweet and sour smells like fruit of southern countries are faintly faint.

"Chimney / Blackberry (BlackberryTaste) is an illustration that smoke is blowing out from a chimney of a house where snow is piled up. In the left corner, a snowman wearing a bucket instead of a hat is drawn. I have a sweet scent with blackberry peculiar little habit.

I turned the candy part of "chimney / Blackberry" over. Of the five "chimney / Blackberry" alone, "V" which is an acronym for Vintage Confections was engraved on the white candy part.

"Homeland / Cotton Candy (cotton candy flavor)" is depicting illustration of a log cabin with snow. I tasted what it is taste of cotton candy, unlike strawberry taste and blackberry taste, there is no strong scent, pure and gentle sweetness was able to be tasted.

"Snow / Green Apple (blue apple flavor)" is depicting winter snow sky. This "snow / Green Apple" also contains fine bubbles along the surface on which the illustrations are drawn, so the silver snow falling from the sky is reproduced and looks like a small snow dome. I smelled sweet and sour aroma of blue apple and slight acidity when licked.

"SnowDome Lollipop" can be purchased from Official Mail Order Site of Village · Vanguard for 529 yen including tax. However, it is time to order from reservation, so it may take some time from arrival to arrival. People who are thinking about gifts and other uses are cautious.

SnowDome Lollipop tree / Strawberry / Village Vanguard Official Goods Mail order

SnowDome Lollipop snow mountain / Guava / Official general merchandise sold by Village Vanguard

SnowDome Lollipop chimney / Blackberry / Village Vanguard Official Goods Mail order

SnowDome Lollipop homeland / Cotton Candy / Official general merchandise of Village Vanguard

SnowDome Lollipop snow / Green Apple / Village Vanguard Official Goods Mail order

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