A report that smoke rushed up and ruptured from Apple's wireless earphone "AirPods"

Apple's wireless earphone "AirPodsSpeaking of "Wireless, because there is no code, the body color is pure white, so if you see a person wearing it in the town there is a presence that you can notice in one shot. As I was wearing such AirPods, I heard a report that smoke rose and burst.

Tampa man says Apple AirPod earphone blew up | WFLA.com

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Mr. Jason Colon, a man living in Tampa, central America, was listening to music using "AirPods" at the local training gym, suddenly the mokumoku and smoke rose from the body and eventually burst And local news in TampaWFLAIt reports.

After noticing that smoke was coming out of AirPods, Mr. Colon immediately removed it from his ear and went to look for a person to call for help in the gym. When Mr. Colon returned with help, it seems that the right AirPods were broken as if it exploded and burst. Mr. Colon said about the situation when the explosion occurred, "It was already such a situation, it was already exploding, I could not see the moment of explosion, but when I removed it already burned It seems that there seems to be burning in fact when you see broken AirPods. "

You can check the exploded AirPods in the following movie.

AirPods broke in the hand

Those who wear it on the left are safe.

Mr. Colon, the owner of AirPods who left the broken man.

Looking at the broken AirPods, you can see a silver stick shaped object burned to black.Disproportionally disassembled articles of AirPodsAs you can see from this, the rod-like object is the battery. Originally this battery has a straight rod shape, but what is on top of Colon's hand is obviously deformed in shape, and it is worthwhile that the interior was heated to a considerably high temperature I know.

The outer white case ruptured as if torn.

The explosion seems to be caused by a battery in AirPods, but details are unclear. WFLA has reported to Apple about the explosion of AirPods and Apple's spokesperson commented "investigating the cause" at the time of writing the article.

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