Facebook will introduce a new video platform against YouTube, switching from Facebook Watch policy

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Facebook has introduced "Facebook Watch", a video distribution platform introduced for the US since August 2017, in the future that creators can upload video contents freely and earn revenue from advertisements flowing during movie playback, YouTube It is reported from the testimony of the stakeholders that it is planned to reconstruct it into a similar system.

Facebook Watch expanding to steal video creators from YouTube

Facebook Watch is a Facebook proprietary video distribution platform that was offered for US users in August 2017 and is a service that delivers original video content by creators and distributors who have signed up with Facebook. Facebook Watch mainly deals with movies that are shorter in playing time, and displays advertisements during playback. And we have adopted a revenue system that distributes 55% of the advertising income obtained by "Facebook Watch" to creators and 45% to Facebook.

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Similar to other streaming distribution platforms such as Netflix and Amazon video, Facebook Watch has its own video content delivered by Facebook by purchasing Facebook's broadcasting rights for programs created by creators and distributors. However, to allow more people to offer their original program to Facebook Watch, Facebook will make it a system that pays creators the advertising revenue they earned on creators uploading for free. This is somewhat similar to the "partner program" which pays part of advertising revenue from YouTube, which is obtained by movies with a large number of plays, to the submitter.

On the other hand, YouTubeUpdate the eligibility requirement of YouTube partner program from February 20, 2018And it became difficult for new creators to earn advertising revenue adequately on YouTube. As a result, if Facebook Watch is rebuilt into a YouTube-style advertising system, Facebook Watch is considered to be a new place to publish content for creators who have difficulty getting advertising revenue on YouTube I will.

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Also on YouTube, you can pick up movies with a large number of views and movies with a large number of registered people and advertise them surely to those moviesGoogle Preferred"The information provider says that Facebook is considering creating a hierarchical advertising program similar to this Google Preferred.

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