I have eaten pasta with "shellfish butter soy sauce" for shellfish lovers using mussels, oysters, scallops, clams

From February 1, 2018 (Thursday), in Jolly Pasta "Shellfish butter soy sauce"Appears as a monthly menu for one month only. I used to eat plenty of shellfish clams, mussels, oysters, scallops and scallops, and it was like Japanese style pasta which is just irresistible for shellfish lovers, so I ate what kind of taste we can enjoy and have confirmed it.

~ Menu breakfast monthly !! ~ I am dying for shellfish lovers! "Shellfish butter soy sauce" | Jolly pasta - pasta specialty store

I came to Jolly pasta.

We ordered a shop clerk, and in about 10 minutes, a lot of shellfish, plenty of seemingly "shellfish butter soy sauce" arrived.

The shellfish most frequently used in "shellfish butter soy sauce" is clams. There are about 10 shells, but in addition to that there is a shellless clamshell.

Two mussels.

One oyster is one.

There were three more scallops, and furthermore Kaiwai Daikon and Mitsuba were colored.

I will eat it from pasta first. The pasta is chewy, the sauce is a plain soy sauce and butter's creamy is added.

The clams are soft and slightly chewy.

Mussels are juicy texture.

Oysters are soft and bite, the flavor of the iso and the flavor of soy sauce spreads out.

Scallop is a crispy texture made with prepuri, and you can enjoy different texture in each of the four shellfish.

Fresh texture and refreshing aroma are added and changes are added to the taste.

"Shell-dried butter soy sauce" is sold for a limited period of time from February 1, 2018 (Thurs) to February 28, 2018 (Wednesday) at 890 yen excluding tax.

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