What is the reason why France and Spain are transferring the territorial rights of "island" every six months?

Prefectural borders and borders are set very strictly and it tends to think that it rarely occurs unless it occurs in wars such as moving. However, in Japan, at Nagano and Shizuoka prefectural border once a year,Move the prefectural boundary according to the result of the tug of warThere is an event to make, between Germany and LuxembourgThe waters co-administered by both countriesExists. And at the French - Spanish border, you say there are islands where the countries they own change every six months.

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Friday, February 1, 2018, France is going to acquire a territory of more than 3000 square meters. At the same time, Spain will lose the same territory as the territory that France will acquire and will recover its territory on Wednesday, August 1, 2018, just six months later. In other words, France and Spain have recovered and lost just 3000 square meters of territory over the course of a year, but the two countries have continued this periodic territorial interaction for more than 350 years It is.

What is being exchanged between the two countries flows to the border between France and Spain and then flows into the Atlantic OceanBidasoa RiverIn the downstream areaPheasant Island. It is Nakasu made with nature in the river, just the southwestern city of FranceHendaye, The official name of the municipality in Basque language "Spanish" meaning "defensive city"IrunThe intervening Pheasant Island is also an island that is a deserted island but frequent talks between the two countries.

Pheasant island is the same small islandMont-Saint-MichelBasically human beings are prohibited from entering touristic places like tourist attractions like. Therefore, it is said that most people from local residents will not be touched.

However, the island of Pheasant has been properly refurbished, management of the lively trees and mowing are done, so there is no impression of abandoned island at all. That is because it is also an island symbolizing peace for France and Spain.

Brought terrible damage to Europe in 1659Thirty Year WarHas ended but it has brought the end of the thirty year warTreaty of PyreneesThis Pheasant island was concluded. After concluding the treaty, it was decided to put this Pheasant island under joint control of Spain and France, who searched for peace for three months. It used to mean that the wooden bridge had extended from both countries to this island.

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For over 350 years since then, the two countries have jointly managed Pheasant Island in Hendaye and Irun, and once a year they board the island with a boat and are reaping plants. In the vicinity of Pheasant Island, the Bidasoa River is very shallow, so it is said that campers are coming in from the Spanish side in rare cases, but the Spanish police seems to be undertaking the work to drive off illegal campers.

Pheasant island gradually loses its area due to the thawing water from the Pyrenees mountains, and now it is only half the area of ​​former one. Both countries are reluctant to make a budget to defend the island militarily because the island has no resource value other than "historically important". However, once concerned that "This island, which is convenient for French and Spanish flights to and from France, will be used for exile," he said he was alarmed by making a sentry every 100 meters.


There seems to have been an event such as "Flag indicating which country is currently owned", but there is no plan to do anything in 2018. Even neighboring residents have known that the elderly alone knows the origin of the island. Andieie and Irun are currently meeting frequently about the fishery rights in the Bidasoa River basin and the resort destinations that the French travel company attracts to the Basque Bay, but at least the delivery of Pheasant Island is expected to be carried out in a way consistent with the previous example Has become.

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