The majority of Great Barrier Reef's coral reefs are in danger of death

ByRichard Ling

The Great Barrier Reef spreading on the northeastern coast of Australia is the world's largest coral reef, and in 1981 it was registered as a World Heritage Site and is also known as a diving place and a tourist destination. However, recent investigation has revealed that many coral of the Great Barrier Reef has died.

Most coral dead in central section of Great Barrier Reef, surveys reveal | Environment | The Guardian

The Great Barrier Reef registered as a World Heritage Site is protected so that most of it is designated as an ocean park and hurt by human hand as much as possible. The Great Barrier Reef is about 2600 km long, but in a survey conducted by one of the Australian government agencies "Australian Research Council", about 35% of the northern and central coral reefs have died It is clear that the worst results so far are said to exist. However, it is said that coral reefs near Cairns where many travelers visit as tourist attractions are living only with 5% of the total dead.

In a survey to examine the Great Barrier Reef from a previously conducted air,93% of the total is affected by whitening phenomenonI knew that. Coral is living by receiving nutrition from algae called brown worm algae, but when the temperature of the water rises, when the brown worm alga disappears, the coral loses its color and becomes white. This phenomenon is called whitening phenomenon, coral will die after undergoing whitening phenomenon.

ByJohn Howell

According to experts, as soon as the sea temperature rises to the original temperature, the number of brown algae increases and the coral can be recovered from the whitening phenomenon. Dr. Mia Hugenboum of James Cook University says, "With good luck, 95% of the coral near Cairns is surviving, the surviving coral has not been completely whitened into the coral within a few months You should be able to regain the color. "

Coral bleaching seems to be affected by global warming phenomenon as well, Dr. Terry Foce of James Cook University said: "The mass death caused by the coral reef's global warming phenomenon that we found in this survey has shown that in the last 18 years In addition, the results of this survey have been much more severe than before.We have to work on the reduction of greenhouse gases which is a cause of the global warming phenomenon in a hurry I will talk to him.

ByUSFWS - Pacific Region

There is also the opinion of experts that the pollution of sea water is serious in the Great Barrier Reef, which is hampering the revival from coral reef whitening. In order to improve the resilience to the whitening phenomenon of coral reefs, it takes about 10.6 billion yen per year to clean sea water near the Great Barrier Reef, and it seems that it is necessary to continue the cleaning work for 10 years.

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