What I would like to hide from the world "Rio" to be the 2016 Olympic venue

Olympic games will be held on 5th August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As it is a big event that attracts the attention of all over the world, it is usual to develop infrastructure with the nation at the Olympic venue, Rio is an example and large-scale urban development is taking place. News siteVoxHas released a movie to clarify the actual condition of the unknown Rio city in the shadow of the ornate festival.

2016 Olympics: What Rio does not want the world to see - YouTube

Visiting Rio de Janeiro in Brazil ......

When you aim at the venue where the Olympic Games will take place from the airport, everyone imagines the beach that is often introduced with images.

However, before reaching the beach, I can not avoid the area called "Mare".

Mare is adjacent to Rio de Janeiro Airport and is known for its many poor people.

However, tourists now do not see the cityscape of Mare thanks to the walls built along the main road.

Let's check the map around Rio.

Spreading along the southwestern coast, "South Zone" spreading a number of famous beaches

Meanwhile, Mare is located in the "North Zone" spreading to the south side of the airport on the north side.

Douglas who lives in Mare talks about the wall along the main road, "It is said that noise control is the purpose."

"But it's clear that tourists heading to the South Zone from the airport are aiming to even avoid seeing the cityscape of Mare at first sight."

Thomas Ramos, who lives in Mare, says, "Mare has no house, no clothes to wear, there are lots of people who hung up, do not they say the noise problem is more important than those people?" I will not hide indignation.

A big news came out a few months ago to such Mare.

The wall of the example is said to be transparent. However, there are only newly rebuilt buildings, such as a brand new school building, located at the end of a transparent wall.

"The only thing that concerns the city of Rio is how to show the beautiful and wonderful city to the tourists."

Rio de Janeiro in 2007Pan American GamesStarting with, there are international events continuing with the Global Warming Council, the World Cup, the Olympic Games, and so on.

For this reason, the major places in the city have been sorted out.

However, relatively poor areas spreading around the area are untouched.

"Tourists will return to their land after visiting Rio, but the people here can only continue to live in Rio. While there are many investments on main street, other tourists The place of the Olympic games is ignored. "

Patricia living in Rio says he has noticed something.

It is a recent route change of the bus route.

As I said before, there are no routes going through the North Zone and South Zone, which means that it was separated at the boundary between the north and south.


"People who want to make the Olympic Games a success are wanting the city of Rio to be beautiful, I do not want them to see the black Zone's dirty barefoot and shabby people."

The deadline for achieving that endeavor is the opening day of the Rio Olympic Games.

Once again confirm the geographical situation ...

On the west side of South Zone with a beautiful beach, there is an area called "BARRA".

BARRA has decided to become the center during the Olympic Games, such as the construction of the Olympic Park.

It will be reborn as a resort city to welcome Olympic tourists.

Carlos Cavaro led the redevelopment of this BARRA district. It is real estate king with asset of 12th place in Brazil.

Mr. Kavaro's dream is to make BARRA a new Rio face.

The new Rio must have a beautiful cityscape and be a city for the rich, not the poor.

This is a picture explaining Rio 's urban development plan to Rogge president Rio de Janeiro led the inspection group of the IOC. Mr. Cavaro is a man with blue clothes listening to Mayor Rio.

The biggest obstacle to the realization of Mr. Kabaro's dream of building a beautiful new Rio is the original inhabitants.

"For them, BARRA is a place to invest, not a place to live"

People who have lived in the land long ago, especially poor people are nothing but bothersome for the urban development plan.

Inhabitants of the town around BARRA ......

In a place away from BARRA, I was asked to immigrate to a public space never touched by tourists.

People who were forced to move due to urban planning for the Olympic Games like falling.

Most people abandoned the land with a cashmere. And the community has been lost.

However, it is natural that some people did not want to be robbed of the land.

There was a conflict between the people who opposed migration and the authorities.

As someone was forcibly excluded, people gradually disappeared from around BARRA.

Still, there are still a few people still staying around BARRA and maintaining the community.

Maria da Penha said, "The situation is getting worse from the time the Olympic bid is decided."

Mr. Penha's picture at the time injured in collision with the authorities.

The house is broken ......

The cityscape has changed a lot.

Located next to the Olympic Park in BARRA, it originally consisted of 600 households "Vila Autodromo" community.

Even now there are still communities.

It is hard to imagine that the pressure to move out was very strong as it was just next to the Olympic Park.

The current Vila Autodromo looks like this.

Although it is an altered cityscape, there are people who continue to remain, as if they decided to lose their memory of their hometown.

As a result of a lot of blood being shed ... ...

Only 20 households out of 600 households continued to stay and said they won the residency right.

It seems that the housing was also rebuilt as the media companies around the world told the situation.

"Originally, there were fruit trees that we planted, but we have to plant again," Lewis Claudio Silva says.

"Why can not Vila Autodromo be adjacent to the Olympic park? For economic reasons only"

Those of Vila Autodromo who kept the right to reside barely in this way, this is a very rare case.

The number of people forced to emigrate from 2009 is only 72,100 people by government announcement alone.

Urban development expert Seleca Williamson said, "The fact that many cities and communities have lost their identity by" clean "the city for the World Cup and the Olympics is a shame." It is.

Of course, it is true that the convenience of the city increased due to infrastructure improvement by the Olympic Games.

A bus terminal is made ......

As the museum was built, the life of the city became enriching.

But while there are relatively rich people who enjoy the benefits ... ...

There are also many poor people forced to sacrifice a lot.

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