An announcement of 2017 financial results telling the full resurgence of AMD, profitability recovered dramatically from deficit to surplus

AMD announced its full year results for 2017. Sales have increased by about 25% over the previous year, showing a remarkable V-shaped recovery from a loss of 497 million dollars (about 54 billion yen) to a surplus of 43 million dollars (about 4.7 billion yen).

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On January 31, 2018 AMD announced the full-year results for 2017, along with quarterly results for 2017 Q4 (October to December).

Sales for the full year of 2017 increased by 24.7% to 5,3 299 million dollars (about 580 billion yen), net income was 437 million dollars (about 4.7 billion yen) on a GAAP basis, 497 million dollars (about 54 billion We have succeeded in significantly improving earnings from the previous year when it was deficit of yen).

AMD's favorable settlement of accounts is as follows. Sales of "Computing and Graphics" increased by 54% from the previous year to 3,029 million dollars (about 330 billion yen). "Desktop PC"Ryzen 7Starting with the series "Ryzen 5"Ryzen 3" and so on, and in the latter half of 2017 a new GPU with the Vega architecture "Radeon RX Vega"The effect of a new product rush such as" has come out. In addition, sales of "Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom" are flat at 2.3 billion dollars (about 250 billion yen), but this is due to the console (stationary game machine) such as Xbox and PlayStation becoming the next generation type It is because it is the end of the model before switching. The decline of the console is a new CPU "EPYC"Is supplementing.

Regarding the "Computing and Graphics" which greatly supported the achievement of 2017, according to Lisa Su, not only the CPU such as the Ryzen series for the desktop, but also the GPU was good. Growth of GPU is not only for gaming PCVirtual currency mining special demand, And reveals that mining is accounted for one-third of the profit of "Computing and Graphics".

Regarding the outlook for 2018, "Computing and Graphics" shows "Ryzen Mobile"APU for desktop PC"Ryzen 5 2400 G"Are released, and a new model of Zen architecture" Ryzen + "will also appear. It can be expected to maintain superiority in price and performance compared with rival Intel's products.

Furthermore, great growth is expected for "Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom". Demand for data centers and clouds further increased, and the CPU "EPYC" series exceeded Intel products in terms of cost performance, but also occurred in the beginning of 2018Meltdown problemThere is also the enemy lost that is expected, it is expected to increase the number of sales greatly.

In 2018, which seems to be able to expect high profitability more than 2017, AMD has increased its sales of Q1 (January to March) 2018 by 32% to 1.55 billion dollars (about 170 billion yen) I expect it.

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