Because I'm warning that 'loneliness' is uncomfortable and painful is dangerous to the body

In recent years, being "lonely" means smoking and smokingobesityIt has become known that it exerts a negative influence on health more than it. New research revealed that people feeling loneliness are lagging behind recovery from illness. And the theory that it is unpleasant and painful to feel loneliness is because it gives a warning signal that it is dangerous to the body.

Why is loneliness so toxic? Scientists are exploring what it does to the human body - The Globe and Mail

Dr. Christopher Fagades of Rice University conducted experiments on 213 healthy subjects in order to investigate the influence of "loneliness" on human health. In the experiment, we first asked a questionnaire survey about whether or not it is isolated in society, and then the subjects were administered a nose drop containing rhinovirus 39, a cold-causing virus, and isolated in the hotel room for 5 days separately After being done, I was instructed to record how I felt. As a result, it seems that "the lonely person gets worse the symptoms of disease".

A study result showing that a lonely person exacerbates the symptoms when it caught a cold - GIGAZINE

The degree of "loneliness" in this experiment is not based on the number of families and friends that the person has, the length of time to be with family and friends, and is the craving for social involvement with others It is based on the subjective feeling based on the degree of "a feeling of loneliness" which is close to "feeling of loneliness". In other words, people who feel loneliness and seeking social connections tend to be more likely to recover from illness.

In recent years, many studies have been made that loneliness can have serious adverse effects on health, but there are two hypotheses about the mechanism by which solitude hurts human health. One is that the level of stress rises by feeling loneliness, stress is caused by high blood pressure, insomnia, deterioration of digestive function, etc., which is harmful to health. Another is a theory that immune function deteriorates by feeling loneliness, causing disease.

In support of the second theory, Dr. Steve Cole of the University of California, Los Angeles,Loneliness is related to inflammationIt was made clear. Chronic inflammation is known to be one of the causes of heart disease, cancer (cancer), neurodegenerative diseases, etc.

There are two types of human immune function, one against the virus and one against the bacteria. However, human immune function can not compete against both virus and bacteria at the same time. Therefore, the human immune function usually becomes an antiviral reaction, and when exposed to bacteria, the immune function temporarily switches to antiviral reaction to counter bacteria. According to Dr. Cole, a person who feels chronic loneliness is found to be closer to a state in which the immune function to the virus is lower as compared with a person not feeling loneliness, as when countering bacteria Thing.

The immune function switches when it got scratched and allowed bacterial invasion. According to Dr. Cole, she believes that by feeling loneliness it is because the body anticipates that the body will be in defense when injured in the future as a reason to switch from anti-virus to immune function like bacteria.

To be lonely is a painful thing to make a human being uncomfortable, but some scholars think that the body gives a warning signal to foster a social connection by giving "pain". Dr. Abraham Palmer of the University of California, San Diego said, "Maintaining social connections for humans was an important part of raising children and securing food.While being part of the group is for human beings It is important, so loneliness is dangerous, so feeling lonely makes us feel uncomfortable feelings. "

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