We restored the face of "Teenager of 9000 years ago" from skeleton in detail, look like this

Based on the skeleton of "a woman who was 18 years old before 9000 years ago" that was found in Greece, an attempt was made to accurately reproduce the face of the time she was alive based on the scientific point of view such as anatomy .

Forensic Facial Reconstruction Reveals 9,000-Year-Old Face

The female face model reproduced is this. You can see that this woman named "Avgi" has a slightly different look from the modern human, such as a slightly drunk look or a lower jaw with a gusset. By the way, it looks like you are wearing black clothes, but it is an illusion, it is created as a bust only from the chest to the upper part.

The name "Avgi" attached to her was taken from the Greek word meaning "dawn". Around 7000 BC when Avgi was aliveNeolithic periodIt is said that this name was chosen because it was in the stage of "dawn" where human beings make great progress by acquiring the tools of "bronze ware" from "stone". The following movie summarizes how to actually reproduce the face of Avgi.

It was the base of this skull. 3D scans of fossils discovered in Greece in 1993 and reproduced with 3D printers are used.

First I will put a small stick on the face and reproduce the muscle. This stick shows the thickness of meat presumed based on anatomy etc. for each place. Based on neat support, the face at that time will be reproduced.

Serve the orbicular muscle around the lips and the temporal muscles to move the jaw ... ...

Morimori muscles around the eyelids and chin.

Also reproduce the muscles of the neck ... ...

When I opened my eyelids, I got pretty close to the real face.

And I will stick the skin.

As work progresses, realism increases more and more. This work, led by Orthodontist Manolis Papagrigorakis, was advanced with the cooperation of endocrinologists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, pathologists, radiologists and others.

And coloring the skin, finishing with the hair and eyebrows etc., the reproduction is completed. Hair color and pupil color were inferred based on the general population characteristics of the area where Avgi lived.

While Avgi is a female, you can see that it looks like a gussy looking somewhere. A sculptor specializing in rebuilding, a Swedish archaeologist who cooperated with the work, Oscar Nilsson said, "Although we have reproduced the face of many male and female stone age women, the face characteristics weakened as the times go I feel that it seems to be "smooth." In general terms, I think that modern humans are decreasing "masculinity" from both men and women.

In addition, it is estimated that Avgi's age is actually "about 18 years old". The skull has characteristics of about 15 years old, but it seems that there are traces left when examining the teeth indicating that you are 18 years old. The bust of Avgi is stored and exhibited mainly on cultural properties excavated from the excavation site of Athens AcropolisAcropolis MuseumIt has been published at the event held at.

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