Why does the dog become "a farmer" that eats his own poo?

byNoel Lopez

Dogs are often witnessed by their owners that they eat themselves and their friends, why do dogs eat their own dumplings? The cause is under research. Meanwhile,American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB / American Veterinary Behavior Society)Benjamin Hart, who is a certified veterinarian, conducted a survey on dogs of "Fun Food" targeting dog owners.

The paradox of canine conspecific coprophagy - Hart - 2018 - Veterinary Medicine and Science - Wiley Online Library

Okay, So Some Dogs Eat Poop - Scientific American Blog Network

Two types of online survey were conducted: "done to dogs eating dogs and dog owners who do not eat" and "what was done only to the dog owner who eats fungus" There were 1552 people, 1475 people.

The survey first revealed that although the behavior that a dog eats a dog is often witnessed, it is not an action that applies to all dogs. However, 16% of the respondents in the first online questionnaire answered, "I have seen dogs eaten mushrooms more than six times." Hart et al. Defined the dog who eats himself or a friend in this way as "Fuda Family". Besides, 23% answered "I have seen a figure of a dog being eaten at least once".

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Next, when asked how frequently it was in the second online survey targeting only the owner of Food Supplies, 62% said that the daily dietary behavior "can be seen every day", 38% "can be seen every week" He said that he did.

And it is regarded not to be related to the action of eating fungus and the age, gender, dietary habits of dogs, age difference between mothers, ease of house training, and so on.

Also(PDF file)Survey conducted in 2010So, it has been reported that there is a relation between food feeding behavior and dog's anxiety behavior, but the relevance was not seen in this survey result. In addition, in the 2010 study, it was reported that the presence of castration is also related, but this is also the point that the relevance was not confirmed in this survey.

On the other hand, what was shown as an element related to dogs eating dogs and not eating dogs is "Whether they live with many dogs." "The Dog: Its Behavior, Nutrition, and HealthAmong the book ", the dog is looking at the behavior of other dogs is approaching droppings, it has been written to take similar action intrigued. Then, there is the thing in even the dog that comes into droppings corrosion behavior in order to conceal the boredom.

byMatt Nelson

In addition, it is reported that the character of dogs eating fungus is "greedy to eat" and that it tends to "eat in a hurry". Also, 85% of litter foods also found that they were more intrigued by fresh fung than flying two days or more ago. The ancestor of the dog takes the action of removing the fungus from the surroundings to prevent the parasite from spreading and the dog's dietary action is derived from this, or nutritional Hart said that it could be worthwhile.

In other words, the dog's dietary behavior is normal, and it can be said that there is no need to obstruct to stop as a "bad thing". Also, a tablet to stop feedingNaturVet COPROPHAGIAThere are also such as, but many owners have reported that they were "useless" about them. In addition, the owner who tried to do something with discipline reported that the action never went down to zero.

However, if eating is not harmful at all, it may not lead to diarrhea or disease spreading, so if you find a dog's dietary behavior, consult a veterinarian or "immediately clean up the fungus" It seems to be only thorough.

In the survey, the behavior of eating dogs other than dogs such as cows, horses, and birds from dogs has also been reported, but the results of this survey showed that only the action of "the dog eats a dog's fern" It is getting.

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