The oldest tomb of mankind, built 78,000 years ago, is found in Africa

Although human beings have different cultures, they have given meaning to 'death' and have taken social actions to treat the dead politely. It seems that the treatment of human 'death' has not changed since long ago, and archaeologists have discovered the oldest tomb in human history, which was built 78,000 years ago.

Earliest known human burial in Africa | Nature
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Archaeologists uncover oldest human burial in Africa | Archeology | The Guardian

In 2013, archaeologists were investigating the Pangaya Saidi Cave near the coast of Kenya and found deteriorated and highly brittle bones in the soil. Archaeologists have investigated nearby teeth and estimated that the body belongs to a child between the ages of two and a half to three. We named this child 'Mtoto', which means 'child' in Swahili, and started a bone survey.

However, since the bone was so fragile that it would break just by touching it, I continued excavation while applying resin to the bone for 4 years, but it was still not possible to completely remove the bone. .. There, archaeologists wrapped the bones in gypsum with soil and brought them to the laboratory for X-ray examination.

Examination revealed that the bones found were about 78,000 years old, laying to the right with the knees in the chest, and the skull resting on something like a pillow. I know. Archaeologists also speculate that the body was tightly wrapped in something like a cloth, as the bones were not broken up in the soil.

In addition, some stone tools have been found in the surrounding area, and archaeologists believe that 'from these discoveries, it is likely that the body was somehow funeralized by the community to which it belonged.' ..

Other ancient human tombs have been found in Israel that are believed to be 90,000 to 130,000 years old, but this discovery is said to be the oldest tomb in Africa. Professor Nicole Bobbin, one of the archaeologists, said, 'Despite the fact that Africa is the birthplace of mankind, it is very rare to find a tomb in Africa. This is undoubtedly archeology in Africa. It means that there is relatively little research. '

Professor Bobbin also said, 'Human beings, unlike chimpanzees, have developed a complex belief system that understands death and makes death meaningful. The time that separates us is enormous, but the grave When you look at it, you can feel the same sadness as human beings at that time. '

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