Future face is neutral face? The skeleton of the face of male and female is getting lost along with the times

Spanish and Portuguese from the 16th century to the 20th centuryA head boneStudies that analyzed a large number of specimens revealed that at least in the people of this region, the difference between the sexes of men and women is becoming less obvious with the times.

It seems that the face of a woman is getting closer to a man rather than men becoming feminine.

Details are as below.NCSU News :: NC State News and Information »Facial Structure Of Men And Women Has Become More Similar Over Time

North Carolina State UniversityAssociate professor Anthropology Associate Professor Ann Ross et al. Morphologically investigated 200 Spanish skull specimens from the 16th to the 20th century and 50 cranial skulls of the 20th century Portuguese, It showed that the difference in skeleton is getting smaller. Thesis isForensic Science InternationalIt will be published in the magazine.

The sex difference of the head facial skeleton of people of the 16th century was big compared with modern people. Men's face and female face are changing with the times, but the change that brings gender's face closer to you is particularly prominent in women, and contemporary Spanish women are much more "Spanish than women in the 16th century" It is exemplified that the build of face is large.

Being morphologically able to identify the sex of the owner of the skull is particularly useful in cases where there is only a partial skeleton, not a whole skeleton, in various fields such as crime investigations and academic investigations From the idea, this survey seems to have been done with emphasis on the difference between men and women.

Due to the evolution of the skeletal changes of male and female faces according to the times, Dr. Ross suggests that analyzing the old skeleton with modern criteria can lead to incorrect conclusions.

The survey also showed that the sex difference of the Portuguese head facial skeleton is very close to that of the Spanish people and that the skull gender-specific method established in Spain can be widely applied in this area It is suggested.

Women who are "not manly" women are becoming "not feminine" may be a matter that has always been spoken all over the world in both good and bad terms. This survey is limited to Spain and Portugal, but the faces of men and women are being homogenized with the times as various ethnic groups and races around the world, and "future men" becomes a more neutral facial ...... There may be things that are not.

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