I have eaten 2 special burger of "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" which can arrange Burger King's Wapper to my own preference

Burger King started "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" campaign from 4th April. This "HAVE IT YOUR WAY" is Burger King's brand promise of "All as you like" and it seems that he decided to implement the campaign because he wanted to tell this to more customers.

In this campaign, "ALL HEAVY" and "MEAT MONSTER" who had power up the classic product Wapper as a menu embodying the idea had been on sale, so I went to eat at once.

What kind of burger is Burger King's ideal?
Campaign | BURGER KING: Burger King

What the idea of ​​"HAVE IT YOUR WAY" is like is clear at first glance. Based on Wapper, it means that you add something you like there. The topping itself was previously done, but it seems that it was decided to implement the campaign again for the appeal this time.

In the Ikebukuro Sunshine City store, it was probably Ali to refer to this as a variety of recommended shop assistants were introduced.

This is "MEAT MONSTER", it is 820 yen separately.

Burger King's goods are big, but the size is particularly prominent because it has 3 patties (2 patties and 1 grilled chicken).

It is a size impossible to eat cleanly to eat.

In the middle, the grill chicken under the pickle is a grilled chicken, and two patties are caught under it.

Here is "ALL HEAVY", 420 yen separately is the same price as Wapper.

Lettuce, onion, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup are all 1.5 times the usual amount.

MEAT MONSTER on the left, ALL HEAVY on the right.

Both of them are going crazy with sense, but it seems that the size of Burger is transmitted compared with iPhone 4 and onion rings.

Grasp tightly and grab it from the edge with musshamshire.

As for the taste, it seems that the taste of the meat spreads out in the mouth as it seems and may be able to become an American geek if you are playing with this computer as it is. This time, I bought it with onion ring set, but this volume feeling is not a half end thing, so I think that it is a satisfactory item with one burger if it is not much of a big meal. It is also free to add more toppings here, so I'm sure it will be fun to build a favorite burger, saying "I will add two more patties!" And "Add another egg there!"

By the way, in the past, it seems that some people put 21 patties on birthday memorial, making full use of this "HAVE IT YOUR WAY". As the patties are increased, the taste of meat inevitably becomes stronger and stronger, so I think that it is necessary to add plenty of sauce and add ketchup and mayonnaise, but it is also fun to make such a special burger It may be one of them.

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