Is the feature that "Women give emotion to men over men" is true?

ByLuciane Lazzaris

Not only in Japan, it is said that in many countries of the world "women express women more expressions such as expressions than men". It is this way of thinking that it seems that it will fall into an easy stereotype if you do it, but it seems that interesting results are quite clear from surveys conducted extensively.

A large-scale analysis of sex differences in facial expressions

Are Women More Emotionally Expressive Than Men? - Scientific American

Microsoft laboratoryDaniel McDuffAccording to the research results of researchers and others, it is said that women are more rich in expression of emotion than men, and the opposite result, which is not the case, is highlighted.More women smile than men,Emphasize facial expressionsFrom the research by McDuff et al., The expression of positive emotions represented by Smile is the one that cut out only a part of the whole image I know that. Emotions exist as in the positive state as in the negative state, during which there are emotions of various states such as fear, disgust, anger, joy, satisfaction, appreciation.

In order to investigate the difference between male and female expressions of emotions in facial expressions, the research team has established its own evaluation axis to evaluate the change in facial expressions against emotional stimuli. In the verification, we gathered more than 2000 participants from five countries in the world, showed advertisement images of various products sold in general, and shoot and record the reaction with a PC web camera and surveyed. And analysis is conducted using only the data of people who do not object to the fact that their reactions are recorded among subjects who were taken.

ByCarl Johan Crafoord

For analysis, the team uses a coding system that automatically analyzes images, and changes the expression of male and female facial expressions when viewing advertisements as data. According to this coding system, it is possible to record the change of facial expression such as smiling face, movement of inside and outside of eyebrows, state of eyebrows, state of mouth corner and the like, specific muscle movement of face Thing. Also, in addition to the change frequency of each facial expression, the length of time that state was sustained is also recorded as one of the elements.

Based on the results, it is said that the data that supported the contents that "female is more rich in facial expression" which has been said in the past. The number of times that women smiled more than men, and that condition also continued longer than men. The number of times to raise the inside of the eyebrows was also higher than that of men, but there was no difference between men and women in the duration of each time. From these data, in addition to supporting the past common sense that "women express more expressions than men", this trend is highlighting that this applies not only to the positive side but also to the negative side.

Meanwhile, from the data of the research team, it is clear that the difference in nuance of expressions between men and women is becoming clear. It is said that women are not more expressive than feelings of men, but this is the reason why men strongly express the expression against anger than females. It is clear that men often wrinkle between eyebrows compared to women and that their condition lasts longer than women. Furthermore, it has also been found that the time for the mouth corner to fall is obviously longer than for women.

ByNick Gray

In this way, women express the happiness aspect more, and the behavior that men express more anger in expressions is regarded as a value that appears to be appropriate for men and women in the culture to which that person belongs It is. Nonetheless, the nationality of the people who participated in this experiment was five countries - the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, China - but "the women in Germany, the UK and the USA showed a relatively large smile, Although there were minor differences that France and China were not so much ", the fact that the differences between men and women in all countries was almost common also appears as an interesting result.

In this research, respondents are responding to people 's response to a more natural and more natural state than the past survey, and data with high scientific value has been acquired. Still, however, the question remains, "Is it because women emphasize joy more strongly than men, because emotions of pleasure are stronger than men?" Changes in the facial expressions of participants were recorded in this survey, but data on the viewpoint of what kind of emotion actually was held by the individual was not collected. Therefore, in the future survey, it is considered that the mystery of the difference in emotional expression between men and women will be clarified by obtaining data that adds that point.

ByEileen McFall

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