To be able to identify the color of criminal suspect hair from DNA

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In forensic medicine so far, it was left in the crime sceneDNAThe color of the suspect's hair can be specified from the culpritRedheadIt seems that it was limited to the case. Red hair is on chromosome 16MC1RIt is said to be recessive inheritance by mutation of genes, it is said that there is only about 4% of the world's population.

Scientists in the Netherlands and Poland have found a way to predict the color of hair other than redhead from DNA with high accuracy and are expected to be utilized for criminal investigation in the near future.

Details are as below.Hair color of unknown offenders is no longer a secret

In RotterdamErasmus Medical CenterProfessor Manfred Kayser et al. Compared the vast number of European gene samples with the color of the hair and identified 13 types of DNA markers in eleven genes involved in hair color. Thesis isHuman GeneticsIt is published in the magazine.

As a result, it is 90% accurate whether the owner of the DNA is redheaded,Black hairWhether the owner of the same degree of precision,blondeWhenBrownIn the case of 80% of the accuracy can be predicted. Not only the rough classification of black, brown, blonde, redhead, but also the difference between 'redhead' and 'reddish blond', 'dark blond', 'bright blond' for example.

"Color of eyes" already predicted with high precision from DNA, and previously published by Professor Kayser et al.How to identify age group from bloodTogether with it, even if there is no sighting information or the like at all, the appearance of the suspect can be squeezed to some extent. In the future it is said that we will promote the development of a simple inspection method for practical use at the site of criminal investigation, which is a big step for forensic medicine.

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