Scientists identify 'the location of the bald becoming baldness', a big step towards elucidation of genetic causes


Survey using biometric data for 52,000 people leads to remarkable hair loss / hair lossLocus(Position of genes) have been reported successfully. Although it is not yet in the stage of personal 'baldness', it is expected that the elucidation of the genetic cause of 'why you give it up' will proceed.

Genetic prediction of male pattern baldness

Study of 52,000 men uncovers the genetics underlying male pattern baldness | EurekAlert! Science News

This is the University of Edinburgh Cognitive Aging and Cognitive Epidemiology CenterSaskia HagenaarsStatistic geneticist with Mr. and his centerWilliam David HillIn a study conducted by Mr. et al., An academic journal ·PLOS GeneticsIt was posted on February 14th.

Mr. Hagenaars examine the genome and health data of 52 thousand men aged 40 to 69 in cooperation with the living body bank in the UK who is conducting genome-wide collaboration on "baldness".

As a result, we were able to accurately show 287 loci associated with marked hair loss / hair loss. In addition, based on a common genetic variation, we also developed a prediction algorithm that identifies "there is no epilation" and "marked depilation".

According to Mr. Hagenaars, many of the genetic signals that make men "bald" are derived from the X chromosome inherited from the mother.

Dr. Hill said that the data used in this study was collected for "bald shape" and is not due to the age that began to bear, so if it becomes possible to identify the "beginning of baldness" from now on He is expecting to understand stronger genetic signals.

Dr. Ricardo Marioni, who was involved in the study, said, "It is far from accurate prediction of patterns that individuals can take off," but in this research they took a big step towards elucidating the genetic causes of "baldness" There is no doubt that it may be possible to expect "bald prediction" that will eventually be expected.

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