A movie that can be seen stereoscopically by stacking many CT scan images

CT scan is tomography by computer and is a technique used not only for clinical examinations but also for nondestructive testing and the like. By radiating radiation from the 360 ​​° direction to the body with an X-ray imaging device, you can create an image of the cross section. That means that I thought that it might be possible to view the scanned area in three dimensions by stacking several scanned images, so I introduced such a movie.

The playback of the movie is from the following.
The body part of a man is being reproduced. It is the tumor found that it is shining red.
YouTube - CT Scan Lung Torso + Tumor

This is a female skull. Teeth are firmly left in the lower jaw.
3d visualization of skull from CT scan images - Google Video

Angiogram of the heart. It looks somehow like a root of plants.
YouTube - Mark's CT Angiogram Heart Scan Color 3D

I do not have much opportunity to see the contents of the human body so it is very interesting.

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