Artistic movies MRI photographed various movements of the human body

Enter into a large cylinder made of magnet and photograph organs and blood vessels in the body with magnetic forceMRIAre mainly used in medical practice. A movie photographing various movements of the human body using MRI indispensable in the medical field "Life looks really different through an MRI machine"Is open to the public, full of images that you can not see normally.

Life looks really different through an MRI machine - YouTube

In the image below, the right ventricle and the left ventricle of the moving heart and Mokomoko.

The black part hits the lungs. Up to this point, the way medicine MRI is used.

This is where the pineapple juice is contained in the mouth.

After swallowing the gokun and pineapple juice, it passed through the esophagus as it was.

The white shadow on the left is the bladder and the one on the right is the rectum.

A white gel-like shadow jumped out from the rectum outward.

This is a picture of the movement of the mouth of the person playing the horn. Tongue movement is unique.

The Chinese on the left and the German on the right are talking. The remarkable thing is the movement of the tongue, when the Chinese are talking it is like the whole tongue is swollen ... ...

When the German is talking you can see that the center of the tongue is more exciting than the surroundings.

Two people dodge a rich kiss. It is evidence that the right person's heart is beating and beating excited.

Something is going in and out. Please remember.

Fetus in the uterus.

This is a twin fetus, the right fetus moves legs without a doubt.

At the moment of birth, the fetus is facing a head towards the exit and lying face down.

I feel the strength of life as the appearance seems to come out.

Looking at "Life looks really different through an MRI machine" that reflects the human body from a different point of view as seen in a hospital, it seems that the beauty of the human body and the mystery of life are transmitted.

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