Why can you hear "recorded voice" as if it were an ordinary voice totally different?

ByBob Bekian

"My own voice recorded", "My own voice that echoed in the phone echoed", "My voice to talk in the movie", etc. are heard slightly differently from what I usually hear with my ears Many people have experienced that they were particularly surprised. Regarding the mechanism that you hear unusually when your voice that you should be accustomed to has been recorded,Why is my voice different when I hear a recording?"The movie that explains it.

Why is my voice different when I hear a recording? - Big Questions - (Ep. 207) - YouTube

"Sound" is vibration in the air. The vibration is transmitted through the air, but what is collected by the auricle (Outer Ear) is amplified by passing through the ear canal (Ear Canal) ...

By shaking the eardrum (Ear drum), vibration is transmitted to the inner ear (Inner Ear). In the inner ear, there is a part called cochlea (Cochlea) that is responsible for the auditory part, which converts the vibration of the sound into an electric signal and hears the sound by transmitting it to the auditory nerve of the brain.

And "human voice" sound "voices" is generated by vibrating the vocal cords at the top of the larynx.

This vibration called "voice" is transmitted through the body of the speaker in bone conduction. In other words, "my voice" that I am used to listening to normally is the one in which vibrations generated in the vocal cord pass through the body through bone conduction and are directly transmitted to the cochlea of ​​the inner ear. Bone conduction tends to convey low sounds, so the person who I usually hear "My voice (my voice heard through the body)" is basically the same as "my voice (transmitted through the air It is lower than the voice of one's own voice · It feels thick.

In addition, it seems that many people tend to prefer low and thick voice, because "my voice" that I am used to listening to is usually lower than what I hear. The tendency to like this low familiar low and thick voice is "Simple contact effectIt is called a psychological phenomenon commonly seen in men.

For example, there is a person who says "I hate to see my own pictures", but this is "because I am familiar with myself reflected in the mirror (the image in which the left and right are inverted), I feel uncomfortable with myself in the photograph It is thought to be caused by the simple contact effect of "to be".

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