What on earth do you feel when you enter "the world's quiet room"?

In order to obtain the correct data of large precision experiment equipment, IBM spent 60 million euros (about 7.1 billion yen) to Zurich, Switzerland,Quiet room in the worldAlthough it is creating, other than here "The quietest room in the worldThere is a place called called. that isOrfield LabsIt is a room called "Anechoic chamber" that absorbs any noise designed by the founder of Orfield Labs. What kind of experience can you have inside?

Listen For a Pin Drop In One of the World's Quietest Rooms - YouTube

"Anechoic chamber" which is a room made for accurate acoustic experiments is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Steven Orfield, founder of Orfield Labs, said he will talk about Anechoic chamber in a telephone interview.

The inside of the Anechoic chamber looks like this. It was designed to absorb 99.99% of noise and sometimes kept Guinness records as "the world's quiet room".

According to Mr. Orfield, when entering the Anechoic chamber and turning off the light, it sounds like "tinnitus" because of silence, so that "the sound inside the body" will be heard.

It seems that you can clearly hear the sound of bent arms and leg joints.

The sound that bends the joints is similar to the sound that sounds when placing two pieces of wood together.

The sound of my heart 'ringing' or ...

Until the sound breathing in the lungs, the room is quiet enough to hear sounds in the body that you do not usually hear.

I am trying to see how many reporters etc can be in the room so far, but there are people who can enter inside for about an hour and people who will leave in less than 15 minutes. It seems that some people may relax to "perfect silence", but seems to be a nightmarish room for people with claustrophobia.

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