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"Many of today's developers are developing applications in the field of robotics engineering." "About 45% of developers are trying to develop their own digital strategyInternet of things(IoT)"Today, 27.4% of developers are making cloud applications", and as a result of interviewing more than 1,000 developers, the trend in software development in 2016 is It became clear.

(PDF file) Evans Data Corporation Global Development Survey, Volume 1

Internet of Things, Machine Learning & Robotics Are High Priorities For Developers In 2016 - Forbes

This survey conducts marketing research on software developmentEvans Data CorporationThing done by. The survey was conducted in such a way that 1441 developers who develop software using the latest technology answer questions on the Internet.

When you visualize the findings by investigation by graph, it looks like the following.

The biggest target for developers of applications aiming for big data analysis is the IoT field, then the fields of science technology and specialized services,TelecommunicationsFields, manufacturing fields not related to computers, etc. will continue.

Also,Data MiningRobot engineering is the most important industry for developers developing applications. The next most important are the arts, entertainment and entertainment industries, followed by the automobile industry. Industries such as telecommunications, IoT, manufacturing are also regarded as a target for data mining applications.

The percentage of developers who were developing cloud applications at the time of the survey was 27.4%, about a third of the total. 66.9% are planning to announce new cloud applications in the next 12 months, and as a whole 81.3% of the developers surveyed are developing cloud applications or plan to develop in the future It is said that it will do.

So, why do you develop a new cloud platform? The main reason for that is to increase security. Following the "security enhancement" reason that 51.9% of the developers agreed, 42% of the developers mentioned as "reasons for improvement", 41% of developers said "user experiences We are making a cloud application for improvement ". Many developers cited reasons such as "to broaden the range of services" and "speed up the network and data center".

About 45% of developers think that 'IoT is very important for their overall digital strategy'. Also, those who developed IoT applications at the time of the survey occupied 29.5% of the total.

"Cognitive ComputingAnd artificial intelligence are very important for their digital strategy. " According to a company executive, based on artificial intelligenceSubscription serviceAre on an increasing trend, and it seems that investment in developing projects with an eye on international development is increasing.

24.7% of the developers use machine learning in the project, and 11.4% is related to IoT, which is the most common application in which machine learning was adopted. Next was 10% for specialized fields and services related to science and technology, and 9.4% for applications related to manufacturing industry. Telecommunications, public utilities / energy industry, robotics engineering, finance / insurance seems to often take machine learning into application development.

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