How to hug a baby that has not been born yet with a 3D scanner

It is my parents' fun to think about children born during pregnancy, but it is impossible to actually hold them. I can only do it using ultrasound scan to see the image.

However, due to advances in technology, it seems that an approach that has advanced one step has been tried so that we can actually feel strongly about the baby who is actually in the stomach.

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Details are below.
Foetus models: New scanning technique lets an expectant mother hold her unborn baby - Telegraph

As Brazilian designer Jorge Lopes is a doctorate of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, 3D ultrasound echoes of the fetus and CT scan data,Rapid prototypingWe are making a model of the actual size of the fetus using the method of.

By using this method, even pregnant women with visual impairment who can not see the ultrasound scan screen will be able to know the state of their child in the stomach.

First, we obtain fetal data by CT, MRI, ultrasound scan etc.

We build 3D data based on this data.

Then,Layered modeling methodI will make it three-dimensional.

Also fine parts such as lips and fingers are pretty neatly reproduced.

Even in very early stage fetuses it seems possible to model like this.

By adjusting the depth of the scan you can also acquire the shape of the bone in this way.

This is a skeleton of cohesive twins in the womb

This is an example of modeling a mother's pelvis together. You can well image the fetus going through the pelvis.

As well as being used as a model creation for education, you can also expect how to use it as a care for a mother who is suffering without having affection for a child born, Stuart Campbell, gynecologist at London Kings College I am talking.

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