Amazon 'Go Go' real selling store 'Amazon Go' finally opens

A retail store of a new type which Amazon can announced in December 2016 and can withdraw from the store as it is without paying at the cash register is "Amazon Go"is. Since there is no payment at the cash register, the long queue waiting for payment will not be completed before checkout. Supporting such Amazon Go is a shop where you can shop while feeling shopping-related technology that is leading edge in the world with computer vision and deep learning that are also used for automatic driving cars. Amazon Go

You can find out what kind of store Amazon Go is and how to purchase items by checking the following article.

Innovative store "Amazon Go" opened from the store without queuing or paying at the register opened in 2017 - GIGAZINE

It is the first store of Amazon Go that was said to open as early as 2017, but the opening of the store has been delayed until January 22, 2018. As planned, Amazon Go 's first shop is open to the following address in Seattle, USA:

Amazon Go offers a wide range of food items such as bread, milk, chocolate and essential items from menu of local popular chef and restaurant. "Only cook the rest" Food kit "Amazon Meal KitsSince it is also sold, if you purchase it and cook it at home it is also possible to get to a luxurious meal in less than 30 minutes.

To use Amazon Go you need three Amazon accounts, Amazon Go application available for free, iPhone or Android smartphone corresponding to the application. The business day is Monday to Friday and the opening hours are 7 to 21 o'clock. The site area of ​​the store is about 1800 square feet (about 167 square meters), "It is compact and convenient so that customers who live in downtown can get in and out quickly".

The media that Amazon's Go stores opened by Amazon, the e-commerce male, has experienced Amazon Go before opening, reports on what kind of shopping and what the actual shopping flow was like in the store.

Inside Amazon Go, a Store of the Future - The New York Times

Amazon Go, a high-tech version of a 7-Eleven, will finally open on Monday - with no checkout lines and no cashiers - Recode

This device looks like an automatic ticket gate, a gate to hold the smartphone application exclusively for Amazon Go when entering the store.

Hold the bar code displayed with the exclusive application and enter the store.

After entering the store, the first meeting to pick us up is a corner where salads, sandwiches, drinks, cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. were placed. It looks like a boxed lunch corner of a convenience store in Japan.

There is a space where Amazon Meal Kits was put in that corner.

In shop use orange color "Amazon Go" written shopping bag. Since there is no cash register, we will put items directly into the shopping bag without using carts and baskets.

There are considerably abundant alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine, and we receive the impression of an assortment like the middle between convenience stores and supermarkets.

Innumerable black boxes hanging on the ceiling in the store have cameras and sensors, which are used to detect which items the user put in the shopping bag. Amazon explains only that "It utilizes technology such as computer vision and deep learning used for automatic driving car technology", and other details are unknown. However, since it is possible to identify all products without attaching special chips etc. to the products, it is quite obvious that their technical capabilities are considerable.

Amazon is the largest ever 1.5 trillion yen, a high-class supermarketAcquired Whole FoodsAs a result, potato chips, cookies and nuts of the company's brand 365 Everyday Value are also on sale on special shelves.

It seems that cooked lunches etc are cooked in the kitchen which was installed. Since the state of cooking is also visible, the customer side can also purchase with confidence.

Recode expresses Amazon Go in an easy-to-understand manner as "a store where seven - eleven has turned into a high end on the surface". Amazon G does not need any cashier payment so it is unnecessary for cashiers, but according to Recode there is no clerk at all, security guards are standing at the entrance and alcoholic beverages are provided Clerks for confirming age are on standby near the shelves being done. In addition, it seems that about 6 staff members are working at all times in the open kitchen which can be seen from outside.

A clerk who is looking around inside the store feels like this. I am wearing an orange jersey so that I can understand it as a clerk in one shot.

In addition, when a reporter in Recode actually shopped for shopping with Amazon Go, the goods put in the shopping bag were recognized correctly, and there was no need to wait for the cash register, so it was possible to leave the store in less than one minute That's right.

The New York Times reporter seems to have tried to trick out products by tricking the in-store camera system with Amazon's permission. Although it seems that four vanilla soda was wrapped in a shopping bag, once returned to the shelf and held with an arm and left from the store, the camera system in the store firmly recognized 4 vanilla soda, The charge is charged firmly on the above. The message "Thank you for shopping!" Is also displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If it is actually opened, there is a possibility that the system can not correctly recognize the item in the user's shopping bag because the product is returned to a different shelf, or the interior of the store is crowded, but the opening of Amazon Go is from 2017 to 2018 It is said that it took time to improve this system because it took time to slip.

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